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Private Business Workshop

If you have reached this page then you are one of the few who have been give this very special offer to attend my:

“No Holds Barred – I Am Going To Make Your Business Stronger” Workshop.

OK local East Bay business owner it is time to get ready for a no risk, content filled, educational experience that is going to blow the doors off your knowledge of marketing your business with the Internet. Bold words you say? Well I can back them up. I will prove it to you.

So here is the deal. You are invited to sign up for this no risk, free workshop. You will not pay me anything to attend. You will not be sold anything at the workshop. It is a pure educational event aimed at giving you the knowledge you need to grow your business now using the leverage of DREM and the Internet.

Let me repeat that again. No money to fork out. No sales pitch of any kind. Just good solid information to help you.

Why? Well for the past eight years I have been helping business owners all over the country/world  by coaching and mentoring them to build their internet businesses. I have become somewhat of an expert on the topic. This stuff works. And I know how to teach it to you.

So now I am going local and giving back to the community I live in instead of working virtually. I will be putting on paid workshops all over Northern California and beyond (a partner of mine has signed a mega contract to put on these events in all 50 states for a nationwide company). These workshops normally cost anywhere from $97 up to $297 for a full day event or $497 for a two day event.

But you will not pay anything except for your time.

And how confident am I that you will benefit from that investment of your time?

Well if you walk away from this workshop and do not feel you have spent the time well or that you can get more business for your company as a result of what I teach you then I will pay you $25 out of my own pocket.

How does that sound?

OK so here is the deal. You need to sign up using the form below. Just give me your name and email so I can send you the workshop details and pre workshop bonuses. (more on those below)

Here is what we will cover in the workshop:

A. Introduction
B. Overview of Information
C. Auto responder/database setup
D. List building fast and easy
E. How to cut your ad budget in half and raise profits simultaneously
F. How to add an auto responder form to an existing site.
G. Starting your site from scratch
H. The difference between direct response and a billboard
I. Explaining re-direct for lead capture
J. E-mail campaigns and content
K. Outsourcing for more profits
L. How to monetize your list
M. Joint ventures between business owners

This three hour session may be the best investment of time you will make all year. Can you carve out some time in your calendar for this event? This is a small private event with very limited seating. Please reserve your seat today.


Location: Office – Oakland CA

Date: TBA

Time: 8:30am-12:30pm

Bring: Yourself (and a co worker if you let us know ahead of time)

Provided: Information, pads of paper for notes, pens, snacks and drinks

Private Workshop Registration
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Bonuses for those attending the workshop

In addition to the free workshop I am also going to give you access to four white paper reports you can read that will further your knowledge of the Internet and how you can leverage it for your business.

  • Special Report – WHY BUSINESSES FEAR SEO? – The landscape of Search Marketing is as
    mysterious and seemingly treacherous to business owners as the farthest reaches of Tibet’s Himalayan Mountains are to the everyday traveler.
  • Special Report – ILLEGAL SEO TECHNIQUES – DANGEROUS, unethical strategies that will get your site blacklisted by search engines.
  • Special Report – SOCIAL NETWORKING FACT SHEET – Statistics and developments indicating the necessity of social networks for business and marketing
  • Special Report – TRAFFIC CONVERSION PRIMER – How to increase your conversion ratios by 35% to 85% in less than 90 days

Plus you can also get access to a full year of terrific content that will guide you through using the Internet to build sites, build reputation, gain customers and so much more. Again no charge to you.

Kevin Rockwell

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