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How Does Google+ Local Impact Your Local Business?

Local consumers today spend a great deal online trying to find local businesses who have what they need or want – this includes food, entertainment, banking, shopping, auto repair, hair care, massages, lawn care, and the list goes on and on. According to Google, one in five searches includes a “location,” which prompted them to create a solution that will help businesses attract new local customers. Today, that solution is Google+ Local, which is a portal of business profile listing […]

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Business Reputation Management

3 Helpful Tips to Make Sure Your Online Reputation is Protected Your business’ online reputation can literally make or break your business success.  Why’s that?  Because, statistically speaking, around 90 percent of all consumers use the Internet to research businesses when they are looking for a product or service.  Your online reputation will determine whether those consumers choose you or one of your competitors.  You can also be sure that if you do not manage your online reputation, it will […]

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Google Authorship, Why You Need It

There are a wide variety of ways to connect with your audience online these days and it can all become quite overwhelming and confusing to the average business owner. BUT if you are creating online content and writing articles for your site or blog then this tip is one you must pay attention to right now. Google Authorship Google now provides a way for you to get your content seen more prominently in the search engine results. Now that i […]

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Web Video For Dr Goldman

Recently completed web video done for Berkeley CA dentist Dr Martin Goldman who specializes in helping patients who suffer from excessive snoring or sleep apnea issues. We built this “know,like, and trust” video for Dr Goldman to help him get known and found in his new office location. We also provided him with five additional FAQ videos that he can feature on his website for more client education. Related articles 2013 Web Video Statistics AKA Why Your Company Needs Web […]

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Content Marketing In 2013

So are you putting any of your marketing resources into content marketing for 2013? Can you afford not to? This infogr4pahic slide show will present you with some thoughts and ideas about content marketing for small business. instant cash loans in pretoria   The bottom line with small business content marketing is that you can’t really afford not to add it to your marketing mix. If you think you have nothing to say or not enough time to create it […]

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Top Reasons To Blog For Your Small Business

Every since blogging started in the late 1990′s, their popularity has grown manifold. Today, blogs have become an integral part of a successful small business marketing strategy. Blogging has become one of the most common ways to market and promote a small business and connect with consumers online. However, in spite of its benefits, many small businesses are still hesitant to invest in blogging and are not giving it the attention it deserves. This is one of the biggest mistakes […]

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How a Mobile App Can Help Your Bottom Line

Still not sure about mobile apps? Here's a statistic that might interest you. In July 2012, the IBM Retail Online index reported that retailers experienced a 15% growth in sales due solely to mobiles. By focusing their efforts on mobile shoppers, whose numbers are increasing by leaps and bounds, offline businesses are raising their bottom line. And this number is only expected to keep rising.   How does mobile marketing increase sales? You do it by:    Customizing the shopping […]

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What Are Mobile Apps and Why Do You Need Them?

Mobile marketing is different from marketing to PC users in one crucial way – it’s all about engagement. People don’t just use their mobiles to read and digest content. They use them to do things. Your mobile marketing campaign needs to be as interactive as possible so that your customers are fully engaged, and the way to do this is through apps. An app is an interactive software program. It offers the user something to do. A few examples include: […]

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Does a Mobile Website Increase Your Profits?

The short answer: Yes.   A recent survey by says 84% of small businesses that go mobile see an increase in profits. That's a pretty high percentage and you can imagine that 84% of those small businesses aren't marketing geniuses. They just realized that their customers were on their mobiles 24/7 and they needed to be there too.   All of the marketing experts online are predicting that mobile will be even more important to businesses in the future. […]

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Mobile Apps and Social Media – A Perfect Match

The Web is getting increasingly social. Experts even predict that someday you may search for all of your information through social media sites instead of search engines. People love Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Groupon, YouTube… the list goes on. These are some of the most visited sites on the Internet.   Studies show that people on mobiles are especially prone to socializing. They spend way more time on social media sites than PC surfers do. Mobile apps and social media are […]

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Your Customers Want Mobile Coupons

 Are You Delivering?   (Photo credit: People do everything on their smartphones and other mobile devices. Online shopping has been slow to take off on mobiles, but people have used them in all kinds of other unexpected ways. For example, they compare online prices while shopping offline. They look for the best deal in town as they head out to go shopping. And they use mobile coupons to get great deals whether online or off.   Study after study […]

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The Magic of Mobiles – Using Location Based Services

Imagine this situation – Your customer is on their lunch break wandering around town looking for a slice of pizza. When they happen a few blocks from your pizza shop, a coupon automatically shoots to their smartphone. It offers a lunch deal for today only and if they click on it, it gives them a map from wherever they are to your shop.   It sounds like a science fiction film, but it’s real. Businesses can now do this through […]

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Staying Current with the Mobile Web

Studies say that mobile search has been steadily increasing over the last few years. According to Google, it grew five-fold from 2009 to 2011. That's much faster than anybody had expected it to grow. It's estimated that now over 50% of local business searches are done on mobile devices and not PCs.   If your business is considering mobile, now's the time to stop thinking and get moving. This trend is not expected to slow down anytime soon.   Your […]

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The Ins and Outs of QR Codes

      QR Codes – What They Are and What They Do for You You've undoubtedly seen a QR code before. These are square black-and-white pixelated codes that are appearing all over the place. They're not just weird, futuristic decorations. The QR code is the modern-day bar code. Instead of using a scanner, you scan it with your smartphone. QR codes are smarter than bar codes. They can hold much more information. They're designed to redirect your smartphone's browser […]

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How to Get More Traffic to Your Mobile Site

There's a growing trend away from desktop searches toward mobile searches. And why wouldn't there be? A mobile device is a tiny computer with a web browser that you can carry in your pocket.   If you want your site to be part of this revolution, it needs to be easy for searchers to find. You've got to understand how people use these devices differently for searches.   Instant Gratification   Mobile users have even shorter attention spans than desktop […]

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Google Local Mobile Search – Are You Taking Advantage of This Free Resource?

According to Google, around 40% of web searches on mobiles include a location in them. People are looking for 'pizza in Pittsburgh,' 'Boston termite control,' or 'Dallas dentist.' This is because they use their mobiles to find local services. If you want them to find you, your business has to be there.   Google has offered local search for mobiles since 2005. It works just like PC local search but with a few differences. The results are simpler and focus […]

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Ignoring the Mobile Market? It’s Time to Start Paying Attention The mobile market is huge and it’s only growing. Sales of mobile devices are skyrocketing and some experts predict the mobile web may become THE web of the future. Unfortunately, lots of businesses are ignoring this trend and paying the price. Are you one of them? Let’s look at some stats. According to the firm Gartner Inc., mobile purchases will increase by 70% by the end of 2012. Late last year, reported that as many as 70% […]

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New Google Knowledge Graph Search

Google has announced some new tweaks to their search this week. Check out this analysis of what it means to your search results in Google.   Move over, 10 blue links. Google Knowledge Graph is the search giant's latest attempt to provide direct answers in its results instead of just sending people elsewhere. The new feature, which is gradually rolling out to all users, adds boxes full of Wikipedia-like information to the search results page, covering subjects such as landmarks, […]

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KRM April Newsletter

Google and Your business: Google is the big dog in the search engine world. We all know that. But many folks spend too much time over working their site to get better ranking in Google. This can lead to problems as recently announced by Google. They have let thousands of website owners know that their pages may not rank well now due to over optimization of their sites in both on site content and off site linking. In 99% of […]

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Marketing in 2012 – March Newsletter

  March 1, 2012 Volume 1, Issue 2 Google Panda Marches On Just last week Google announced that they were enacting yet another update on their Panda algorithm update form last year. Now does this mean anything of importance to you and your website? In all truth no it does not in my opinion. The Panda updates have been all about weaning out sites that give a poor user experience or which do not give quality or original information about […]

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