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Power Of Press Releases To Your Business

Found this great article today on how much power using press releases can have for driving traffic to your web site. Great article explaining  it  from Web Pro News. Press Releases More Important to Marketing Than You May Realize Press releases are not only great ways to spread the word about any announcements your business might have. They can also drive traffic, particularly from search engines. This is not news, but it’s a commonly overlooked fact. “Search engine rankings are […]

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Tools To Run Your Business Better Part Two

Here is part two of our tools and resources roundup. Content Creation Screen Steps – tool for creating step by step instructions with screen capture – Get articles written for you for cheap. Also automate human processes. – get content here and then re-write it for articles – collections of video that you can buy from people – searches offline articles – go buy them from people – good source of content, like expertvillage […]

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Tools To Run Your Business Better

Want to have the best tool box for your business to make your life better, more efficient, and save money too? Well I have compiled list of cool stuff that I use, fellow marketers have used, and are on other folks best of lists as well. I hope you enjoy and get great value from this resource. Testing/Tracking – headmap click tracking Woopra – website analytics Statcounter – Not the most detailed analytics, but gives very important trend/keyword data […]

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Big Brands Using Social Media – Pay Attention Small Business Owners

Ford Motors uses social media in their marketing efforts. They use the whole gamut from Twitter, Facebook, Flikr, YouTube, Sribd, Delicious, and Upcoming as their main social media properties. Watch this report from WebProNews on just how they utilize social media for their brand. This is a key thing for small business owners to take note of, the big guys know this stuff helps and works for their business. You should know that it works for you too. Implementing a […]

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Google Cracking Down

There have been notices of late that Google is cracking down on advertisers and web sites that are promoting dubious offerings. They have told AdWords advertisers to be careful if they are promoting certain kinds of things. To me this is all the more of a signal to do things the right way, be white hat in your Internet marketing, and stay on the right track. If Google is starting to get smarter and more able to search out listings […]

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A Better Way to Conduct Teleseminar Training

The old model for running teleseminars is broken. How can I say that? Because I’ve participated in a lot of them, and I’ve run a lot of them myself. Here are the problems as I see it: 1. All the beeps and “background noise” drives me absolutely nuts. 2. Teleseminars are always 1-way: Me talking to everybody else. Very little engagement. 3. Most conference call systems stink. They really do. Talk to anybody who’s been doing teleseminars for very long […]

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Video A Week Builds Your Base

Well the old saying is an apple a day keeps the doctor away. My new mantra for 2009 and business building is a video a week will keep your business in the pink. What do I mean by that? Well we know that articles and article marketing is good for your web site, as it helps build links to your site which boost your search engine ranking, and it helps drive traffic to your pages. Well video and video marketing […]

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How Can Linked In Help Your Small Business?

Recently LinkedIn has been running a series of posts on its company blog in which guest bloggers (small business owners in some cases) share some ways that LinkedIn has helped them run their businesses. Obviously they are hoping to get more folks to use Linked In through these posts but in fact they offer great infromation that can help show you how to utilize Linked  In to your advantage in your small business operations. Linked In includes posts like: – Helping […]

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Great Results

Just an update on some of the results some of my clients are seeing for their websites. We work to improve ranking for clients on words that local consumers are searching for them on. It does your business no good to try and rank and compete for broad, highly competitive terms such as plumber, roofer, accountant.

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Are you a small business who thinks Google and all the other search engines have left you standing on the platform at the station? You are not alone. But now the word is getting out about some changes that have occurred in the SE world.

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New Testimonial – Willie Crawford

Willie Crawford has nice things to say about my services. Willie Crawford testimonial for Rockk Video from Kevin Rockwell on Vimeo.

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Meet My Mentor – Legendary Consultant

David Preston i s known as the “Legendary Consultant” and for good reason. He has done more for businesses across the nation and around the globe in the last ten years than just about anyone out there. He has a nice casual Southern style to him (albeit with no drawl) that makes him very easy to listen to when he presents. His style is to give and give and give great information to clients.

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Local Search Is Surging

Research from comScore indicates that growth in local search is outpacing overall online search. In 2008, the practice of using online search tools to find local businesses, products or services grew by 58%, reaching a total of 15.7 billion searches for the year. While total online searches for the year reached 137 billion, the growth rate there was only 21% on a year-over-year basis. Local searches make up 12% of core searches on the top 5 online portals, comScore reports. […]

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Have You Tried Online Coupons? They Work!

All of us have seen and probably used coupons before to shop. But how are they preforming these days? We are now in an age of online information for just about everything and coupons are no different. If some brand new scientific research is any indication, it seems that online coupons have a much bigger effect on consumers than print coupons do.

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Oh My God! How Do I Get My Customers Back?

Can you hear that cry ringing in your head? Well I can because while working with clients this month I have actually heard it said to me by a small business person in my city. In fact others I have spoken with recently have said basically the same thing.

It is the cry of the entrepreneur these days. Customers are being careful with their money, cutting back on spending, and exploring their options for saving more than ever.

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Ten Packs- Local Search Game Changer

Google has done an update to their search results output and are now displaying a ten pack of local results on the first page of search results. The ten local businesses that match the search query are showing along side a Google map that pin points their locations. So what does this mean for local business search? Well it could mean a lot of good things for your local business. Face it ranking for broad terms like lawyer, plumber, salon, […]

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“Six Days To Saturday” by Sam Crowley – I Love This Guy

Sam Crowley thought he was following the “American Dream.” An ex-stuttering college dropout, Sam worked his way up to a corner office at a Fortune 100 company. With a six-figure salary and all the perks, he was supposed to be content… but he was secretly MISERABLE. Sam arrived home late every night, giving his best at work while his family got leftovers. Like so many people in the corporate world, his American Dream had turned into a nightmare! One night, […]

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Billboard Or Customer Magnet Part 2

So in my last post about business websites for local retailers I talked about whether you web site is a billboard or a customer magnet. Obviously we would all want them to be customer magnets. That is why we are in business in the first place right? Before I go over ways to make your site a magnet lets go into some of the offline things you have to worry about when trying to get and keep customers. If you […]

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Have You Ever?

You see sometimes when you spend your life with computers and the Internet you have to deal with the issues that come with them. You see there are dangers out there to watch out for and most of the time we are way too busy to see them or to try and prevent the mayhem they can cause. Last year, at a most inopportune time one of my wqork computers had a hard drive failure and it caused me a couple weeks of frantic scrambling to recover and update things. In the end it worked out but there is no way that I would want that again. So I got on schedule to do back ups.

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Billboard Or Customer Magnet?

The world of the web and small business can be a confusing and strategically difficult road to navigate. Everyone tells you to build a web site. You have to have one yesterday. But very few tell you how or what to put on it. As a result if you do some sampling of local business web sites you will find that the vast majority of them are virtual bill boards in cyberspace.

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