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Eye Opener – How To Survive An Earthquake

This article was a huge eye opener for me. Opposite of what we were all taught on how to survive and earthquake. But this guy knows what he is talking about and all of us need to listen. Especially those of us who live in  the fault zone. Read and learn to save your life and those around you. This is brought to you as a service today in respect to those lives lost in Japan. What to do in […]

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IM Tools You Can Get For Free

When I first started building my Internet Marketing journey, I was suffering from low budget. You know what I mean… I wasn’t able to afford all the fancy tools, I had to make due with what was available for free. The hardest part was finding free tools that were worth a damn in the first place. In this blog post I’m going to tell you about the best free internet marketing tools I’ve come across in the last 10 years […]

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Keeping Your Pages Alive

To ‘301 redirect’ an old URL to a new one, just go to your web host’s control panel, and choose the “Redirects” option. You can then set up the redirect by filling the blanks. You want to chose redirect option “Permanent” to implement a 301 redirect.

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How To Write Headlines That “Capture” Attention

Traffic. You need it. There are hundreds and thousands of “how to” manuals, systems, and web sites dedicated to this one topic. Traffic. If you’re going to sell your product, people have to see it. If nobody visits your site, it is impossible to sell them anything. On the flip side of that same coin, once you get them to your site, you have about 10 seconds to capture their attention. They need to want your product right away, or […]

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Five Steps To Writing A Great Salesletter

There is no doubt that having a great salesletter can make or break a product. You can sell a phenomenal product to a tightly focused audience, and if the sales copy is only marginal, your results will not be up to snuff. One of the problems with writing copy stems from being too close to a project. If it is your product, sometimes it’s hard to step back and realize that the reasons you love it might not translate to […]

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Three Keys to Getting The Order With Your Call To Action

You have traffic. People are seeing your site, your product. You’ve nearly perfected your headline writing skills, and you present your product well throughout the body of your salesletter. Now it’s time to get the prospective buyer to part with some of their hard earned cash. It’s time to close. In traditional sales, person to person, the close cannot be effective if it’s never attempted. Rule number one about the close, or “call to action”…it must exist. You CANNOT leave […]

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How To Embed Amazon S3 Video

Sometimes I like to write a quick post on how to do something technical that I found hard to solve. How to embed video hosted on the Amazon S3 Web Service. First, why Amazon S3? Amazon basically offers storage of files at a very low cost and provides very scalable and reliable storage and backup at unbeatable prices. How to Embed a Video stored on Amazon S3 Many sites are offering courses and membership areas to help you embed video […]

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Simple Steps To Get Your Business Listed In The Big G

Many local business owners may think that getting your company website listed in Google, Yahoo or MSN is a mystical process only done by techies, with massive computing power at their disposal. But in reality for most small businesses getting those rankings simply comes down to making sure you have accomplished the basics. Here are some simple steps to do that will give you a solid return for your business. 1. Always ensure that your ‘Title’ tags are related to […]

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Close The Deal

OK … So you’ve grabbed your prospect’s attention with a compelling proposition, story, USP, intrigue or advertorial headline.

You’ve intensified his resolve to read your ad with deck copy that illuminates and expands on your head … intrigues him with reasons why, if he stops reading now, he’ll regret it for the rest of his life … and just for good measure, you threw in a heaping helping of credibility elements.

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Mobile For Local?

I bet as local business it had not occured to you that having your website available to be read and seen on mobile devices was necessary much less easy to do. Most local businesses struggle to just get a website going much less optimize it for the latest trends and accessiblity provided by fast emerging technologies.

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