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How To Grab Free Traffic From YouTube

This is a super simple and extremely effective technique that you can use to drive tons of mostly targeted traffic to your website using the insanely popular video site – YouTube. One of the big advantages of this technique is that there is little competition – unlike competing for top spot in Google, it’s much easier to achieve top spot on YouTube. Here’s how it works: When someone watches a video on YouTube, when it’s over, often they’ll watch a

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Veranzza Italy

My favorite place on my recent trip to Italy. My business allows me the ability to travel. Yours should too. Find out how. Vernazza is one of the five coastal villages on the Cinque Terre. We loved it for the charm, the views, and the food.

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Oakland Rage

OK so this is a bit of citizen outrage and plain old disgust with my former profession all rolled into one. A bunch of guys get into fights on BART (the train system in the Bay Area) on News Years along with a bunch of other folks. Police stop the train in Oakland and the BART police attempt to intervene and break it all up. In the course of detaining some of those involved a BART policeman discharges his gun

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A Funny Thing Happened

So in my long and sometimes tedious news career (more on that later) the crew would many times sit around telling and retelling stories about the TV news business. Then each of us would in their own minds think “oh man I must have a book in me from all the things I have done”. I know I did. But then upon further reflection I realized that no one would want to hear all of my stories. Too damn bad..

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Flight of The Conchords Returns – Check Out Sneak Of New Season

Season 2 Online Premiere – Flight of the Conchords (US Only) – watch more funny videos Well you may not but I love these guys. So go stuff it if you don’t.

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CNN Money Projects

Over the last two years I have done a number of video projects for CNN Money which include: Intel AMD Dell Concours D’elegance Aston Martin Review Spore Preview Intel Developer Day Amy’s Kitchen Diggler Monster Cable

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Here some links to various video projects I have done for Got2Know. They are an educational web site aimed at teens to young adults and the videos teach life skills and life lessons. Mrs. Grossmans Stickers Win Realty Orange Ave Publishing Animating Jimi Hendrix SETI

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Shaw Ross International Importers

This is an example of a video I did for PTV for their client Shaw Ross Importers Executive Producer Doug Scott, PTG Studios, Editor Chris Bukowski, Photographer Kevin Rockwell

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