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Small Business Open House – Won’t You Join Us?

My colleagues and I are hosting a small business open house on: Thursday, October 29 For the People 244 Grand Avenue, Oakland, 94610, from 6:00-8:00. Ian Duncan, For the People, a Legal Document Preparer Brad Farmer, Brad Farmer and Associates, a CPA and Insurance Agent Janet Peischel, Top of Mind Marketing, Marketing and Business Development Also featured: Kevin Rockwell, Kevin Rockwell Marketing Inc., will be talking about what else–social media. Because you can’t have an event these days without talking […]

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Grow Your Local Business Revenues And Help Oakland’s Park Day School

Innovative fund raising workshop set to help local school and improve the bottom line for local business owners too. Oakland, CA (10-22-09) – Every year schools in our community have to raise money to help pay for the essential things, and during these economic hard times it is harder and harder to accomplish. Fortunately, a new approach to fund raising is here. Local Internet Marketing expert Kevin Rockwell is working together with Park Day School to hold a unique and […]

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Local Business Owner Challenges Brick And Mortar Companies: I Can Improve Your Advertising ROI!

Berkeley, CA (10-1-09) – Kevin Rockwell, a local business owner, is making a challenge to community businesses across Berkeley.  He believes he can show them how to get more for their advertising dollar – even in today’s economy. Online local search has been proven to be the first thing people do when they are looking for local businesses.  In fact, according to DMNews “35% of ALL searches [on the internet] are local”. Because more and more people are performing searches […]

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Local Business Advertising: Is Your Approach Too Narrow?

The biggest mistake many businesses make is focusing on print ads and local news papers.  Here’s a different strategy taking root in cities across the nation. Berkeley, CA (10-22-09) – It’s a classic mistake by businesses; their approach is focused on print advertising and word of mouth. Fortunately, a new approach is starting to take root in Berkeley to solve this problem.  Local search is starting to cause a flurry of excitement for some businesses who are taking advantage of […]

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Local Businesses: Ignore Normal Advice To Prosper During A Recession

New online marketing strategy for local businesses can be used to stay afloat and prosper in the coming year. Berkeley, CA (06-15-09) – With the thunder clouds of recession hovering, most businesses begin preparing for a recession by doing the opposite of what they should. The first thing they typically do is begin cutting costs and in most cases they start with marketing and advertising. They do it because it is the easiest and quickest. The problem, which has been […]

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