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Just an update on some of the results some of my clients are seeing for their websites. We work to improve ranking for clients on words that local consumers are searching for them on. It does your business no good to try and rank and compete for broad, highly competitive terms such as plumber, roofer, accountant. Therefore what we work on is to identify what are called long tail key words that you can rank for and which will bring customers to your web site and hopefully convert into buyers. An example of a long tail KW is Alameda plumber, or best Alameda plumber. Something that zeros the customer into your locale but which is not being competed for by millions of other plumbers.

We optimize your web sites code for these type of keywords both in the under the hood and above the hood in the copy on the page. We build links to your site using these KW’s so the search engines will know what you and your site are all about. This stuff works. We have a variety of methods at play with each of our clients.

We are seeing in our current set of projects that our clients are already ranking highly for their long tail keywords which now puts them squarely in front of their customer base in the search engines. If you can get high SE ranking for several long tail key words that are specific to your buying audience you will see more business. Traffic and highly targeted traffic is something every business can use in the pursuit of revenues.

Stay tuned for some cases studies out of these current projects soon.

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