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KRM April Newsletter

Google and Your business:

Google is the big dog in the search engine world. We all know that. But many folks spend too much time over working their site to get better ranking in Google. This can lead to problems as recently announced by Google. They have let thousands of website owners know that their pages may not rank well now due to over optimization of their sites in both on site content and off site linking. In 99% of these cases website owners have gone crazy building links from bad sources, over optimized their content or a combo of both. What I have found with local business websites is the owner has had the site built as an online flier for their business that has almost no optimization that would attract the search engines. I call these site cyberspace postcards becasue the only people who will see these sites are the people you send to to directly. The site will be buried in the search results.

What we do at KR marketing is the right balance of optimization on your website as well as an emphasis on building quality in bound links to your site from trusted sources. This combo of work promoting your site will result in you rising in the search engine rank for your main search term. We want to keep you in good graces with the search engines and get you on the first page of Google so you get more customers.

If you want to know what Google has to say about their search engine you can check out their blog here.

Video On Page 1

We have been seeing some great results from our Video On Page 1 service. We are leveraging the fact that Google owns Youtube and they love video in their search results. So what we do is take your video and get it ranked on the first page of Google search results for your main keyword. Once it is there the video stands out from other search results because Google puts a thumbnail image next to it. These are very powerful listings as they attract the visitors eye and get more clicks. Imagine if you have your website on page one and your video. Do you think that would result in more consumers checking out your business?

We have seen examples where we are able to get clients video on the first page of Google in just days. Of course each niche is unique so we cannot promise that but it does happen. The great thing about this service is we offer it completely risk free. You pay nothing until the video is on page one. Then once it is there you can get a complete refund in the first month if you are not satisfied. After that you can cancel at anytime with no contracts of any kind.

Give it a try and get more customers for your business. Video On Page 1

Facebook Pages Timeline Now Implemented

Facebook has now officially converted all pages to the timeline format. There has been much gnashing of teeth and assorted anxiety in the social media world about these changes the last month since it was announced. However despite some dramatic changes they have made the new look and feel actually can benefit your business in many ways. Lots of people were freaked out as they had done a ton of custom work to their pages and now they have to adjust or start over. Well bottom line folks Facebook is all about engagement and interaction. It is social media after all. So if you grasp the changes and take advantage of them you will have a better social media presence to grow your brand.

We have been busy updating clients pages cover images to reflect the new space FB gives to the main image for the page. Would you like a free PDF that gives a great overview of the new Facebook pages timeline? Well we have just the report for you which we got from one of our partners. Click here to download it free.

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