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seo consultant oaklandKevin Rockwell is an SEO consultant in Oakland CA, serving the SF Bay Area and is focused on serving local businesses in the Oakland and Berkeley area of the East Bay. SEO, search engine optimization, is the art of making your website rank well in the search engines and thus enable customers to find you in the local listings. Customers these days are not going to the Yellow Pages to find your business. Rather they are going to Google and searching for what they want and if your site is SEO optimized you stand a much better chance of getting found in the results.

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So what does a SEO consultant in Oakland CA do for your business and website?

Well first thing I do in a free no cost consultation to a business owner is look into your code and find the key things you may not have done when building your website and zero in on them. These can be found relatively easily but you have to know what you are looking for in the code. There are best SEO practices that we have to follow. Not everyone plays fair and that can work for awhile but in the end the search engines usually find out and punish the site in the rankings. After polishing up the code and tags in your site I go over the various strategies for building your rank and your visibility on the internet so your pages get ranked on the first page of Google. You can then take these approaches and begin to apply them to your site. It can mean results in days in some cases and in others it might take a few months. But the key here is everything you do is an asset that can last for years. Unlike buying an ad int he paper where you get one or two day results, by building your SEO you are potentially creating traffic and customers for years to come. The return on investment on those visitors is priceless.

So if you need a SEO consultant in Oakland CA then please contact me today for a free no cost consultation where I can show you how you can make more money for your business by applying these techniques to your site. Drop me a line below and we can talk. 510-289-3495

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