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How Does Google+ Local Impact Your Local Business?

Local consumers today spend a great deal online trying to find local businesses who have what they need or want – this includes food, entertainment, banking, shopping, auto repair, hair care, massages, lawn care, and the list goes on and on. According to Google, one in five searches includes a “location,” which prompted them to create a solution that will help businesses attract new local customers. Today, that solution is Google+ Local, which is a portal of business profile listing […]

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Grow Your Local Business Revenues And Help Oakland’s Park Day School

Innovative fund raising workshop set to help local school and improve the bottom line for local business owners too. Oakland, CA (10-22-09) – Every year schools in our community have to raise money to help pay for the essential things, and during these economic hard times it is harder and harder to accomplish. Fortunately, a new approach to fund raising is here. Local Internet Marketing expert Kevin Rockwell is working together with Park Day School to hold a unique and […]

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Local Business Owner Challenges Brick And Mortar Companies: I Can Improve Your Advertising ROI!

Berkeley, CA (10-1-09) – Kevin Rockwell, a local business owner, is making a challenge to community businesses across Berkeley.  He believes he can show them how to get more for their advertising dollar – even in today’s economy. Online local search has been proven to be the first thing people do when they are looking for local businesses.  In fact, according to DMNews “35% of ALL searches [on the internet] are local”. Because more and more people are performing searches […]

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Local Search Is Surging

Research from comScore indicates that growth in local search is outpacing overall online search. In 2008, the practice of using online search tools to find local businesses, products or services grew by 58%, reaching a total of 15.7 billion searches for the year. While total online searches for the year reached 137 billion, the growth rate there was only 21% on a year-over-year basis. Local searches make up 12% of core searches on the top 5 online portals, comScore reports. […]

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Ten Packs- Local Search Game Changer

Google has done an update to their search results output and are now displaying a ten pack of local results on the first page of search results. The ten local businesses that match the search query are showing along side a Google map that pin points their locations. So what does this mean for local business search? Well it could mean a lot of good things for your local business. Face it ranking for broad terms like lawyer, plumber, salon, […]

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Mobile For Local?

I bet as local business it had not occured to you that having your website available to be read and seen on mobile devices was necessary much less easy to do. Most local businesses struggle to just get a website going much less optimize it for the latest trends and accessiblity provided by fast emerging technologies.

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Billboard Or Customer Magnet?

The world of the web and small business can be a confusing and strategically difficult road to navigate. Everyone tells you to build a web site. You have to have one yesterday. But very few tell you how or what to put on it. As a result if you do some sampling of local business web sites you will find that the vast majority of them are virtual bill boards in cyberspace.

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Putting All The Pieces Together

As a small business owner there are so many puzzle pieces to keep track of in the course of the day, week, month. You have sales, advertising, payroll, inventory, marketing, and on and on. In order to keep everything in place and things rolling smoothly is a large and difficult task for even the best of businessmen.

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