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Alameda Video Marketing

Are you looking for the power of video to help your business?¬†Alameda video marketing for your local business can be an effective method for getting the word out about your business in the local market where consumers are looking for your product or service. Video can build the essential “know, like and trust “ that gives consumers the confidence to pick up the phone or dial in your URL and contact you to do business.   Our team of marketing […]

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Do You Use Groupon?

Deal of the Day sites have exploded on the marketplace lately. The market leader is Groupon but there are others like Living Social, and Trubates. Why do these sites make sense to consumers? Well they get a great deal and save money on things they want to buy or things they want to try and never had enough incentive. Now for the merchant who contributes to these offers what exactly are they looking for in the deal? Well more customers […]

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Keeping Your Pages Alive

To ‘301 redirect’ an old URL to a new one, just go to your web host’s control panel, and choose the “Redirects” option. You can then set up the redirect by filling the blanks. You want to chose redirect option “Permanent” to implement a 301 redirect.

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Wacky Frank Kern – Does It Work?

Frank is a long haired, beach loving, surfer dude who lives in La Jolla CA and sells big ticket products of his own and his associates for big paydays. He shoots video of himself doing funny things and then tags onto it with a free lesson for folks to learn. He does this several times a year. His main product of late has been “Mass Control” where he shows marketers how to line up customers and basically do a pseudo hypnosis on them so that they buy. It is all above board and all but it seems to work as he makes a ton of money and his students do as well.

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Carol Bently – Student/Client

" When you are looking for a mentor or consultant you need someone who has the experience you need and the patience and communication skill to pass that knowledge over...." Read More

Dr. Mia Curcuruto – Client

" Kevin has been so helpful getting me from almost no web presence to now having a well done web site and more clients coming to me all the time..." Read More