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Top Reasons To Blog For Your Small Business

Every since blogging started in the late 1990′s, their popularity has grown manifold. Today, blogs have become an integral part of a successful small business marketing strategy. Blogging has become one of the most common ways to market and promote a small business and connect with consumers online. However, in spite of its benefits, many small businesses are still hesitant to invest in blogging and are not giving it the attention it deserves. This is one of the biggest mistakes […]

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Small Business Open House – Won’t You Join Us?

My colleagues and I are hosting a small business open house on: Thursday, October 29 For the People 244 Grand Avenue, Oakland, 94610, from 6:00-8:00. Ian Duncan, For the People, a Legal Document Preparer Brad Farmer, Brad Farmer and Associates, a CPA and Insurance Agent Janet Peischel, Top of Mind Marketing, Marketing and Business Development Also featured: Kevin Rockwell, Kevin Rockwell Marketing Inc., will be talking about what else–social media. Because you can’t have an event these days without talking […]

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How Can Linked In Help Your Small Business?

Recently LinkedIn has been running a series of posts on its company blog in which guest bloggers (small business owners in some cases) share some ways that LinkedIn has helped them run their businesses. Obviously they are hoping to get more folks to use Linked In through these posts but in fact they offer great infromation that can help show you how to utilize Linked  In to your advantage in your small business operations. Linked In includes posts like: – Helping […]

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Are you a small business who thinks Google and all the other search engines have left you standing on the platform at the station? You are not alone. But now the word is getting out about some changes that have occurred in the SE world.

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Oh My God! How Do I Get My Customers Back?

Can you hear that cry ringing in your head? Well I can because while working with clients this month I have actually heard it said to me by a small business person in my city. In fact others I have spoken with recently have said basically the same thing.

It is the cry of the entrepreneur these days. Customers are being careful with their money, cutting back on spending, and exploring their options for saving more than ever.

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Billboard Or Customer Magnet?

The world of the web and small business can be a confusing and strategically difficult road to navigate. Everyone tells you to build a web site. You have to have one yesterday. But very few tell you how or what to put on it. As a result if you do some sampling of local business web sites you will find that the vast majority of them are virtual bill boards in cyberspace.

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