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Oakland Video Marketing – For Any Business – You Need This Now

Oakland Video Marketing consultant here to help you get started using the power of video for your business growth. Call today for a free consultation of you can  get the power of video on your team. 510-289-3495 In Oakland there are a wide variety of businesses and services all trying to get the attention of the consumer for their product. Many business owners get frozen by marketing and go with the path of least resistance as long as they can […]

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Why You Need Video Marketing!

Video on the web is hot these days. we have been saying that over and over again to our clients. I tell it to every business person I talk to nowadays. Why? Because it is well accepted, easy to do, powerful for your message, and there are new tools coming out everyday to make it easier and more powerful to your audience. My list of reasons why you must use video marketing for your business web site today: It is […]

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Create Your Own Web TV Ad Today

Web video is huge now, getting easier to do every month, and now we are able to not only run your video marketing campaigns for you so you can virally build new customers form video impressions across the net, we can also build your very own web TV commercials and get them running in front of geo targeted customers.

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Video A Week Builds Your Base

Well the old saying is an apple a day keeps the doctor away. My new mantra for 2009 and business building is a video a week will keep your business in the pink. What do I mean by that? Well we know that articles and article marketing is good for your web site, as it helps build links to your site which boost your search engine ranking, and it helps drive traffic to your pages. Well video and video marketing […]

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Carol Bently – Student/Client

" When you are looking for a mentor or consultant you need someone who has the experience you need and the patience and communication skill to pass that knowledge over...." Read More

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