"Wordpress Is Not Going Away, So Unless You Fight The Online Battle, It Will Be You Who Loses!"

Unless you have never used the internet before, then it is unlikely that you haven't heard of a blog before. Blogs have become so much part of the internet because they are easy for anyone to create and update even if they have no experience with graphics, HTML or in fact anything else which makes the internet part of an unknown goldmine.

The real purpose of blogs is so that people can keep a record of what they are doing and their friends and family can read about them. It may sound pretty lame to you, but they were incredibly popular when they first started and now they are even more so.

In fact, they were so popular that Google bought one of the biggest blogging platforms called Blogger as they were able to predict that this was the way that the internet was turning.

With the entrance of Google into the online blogging arena, blogging exploded and many thousands of blogs were started every single day.

While Blogger was becoming more and more popular, another blogging platform called Wordpress was also exploding. The difference between them was that with Wordpress you had total freedom to do whatever you wanted with it. What slowly happened was that lots of 'geeks' started to use it and develop it further until it turned into an extremely powerful piece of software.

Which is really great for you because it means that you will have a huge amount of power behind any online marketing that you do which uses Wordpress.

I'm not going to beat around the bush hear and tell you lots of technical information about why blogs are so great as it can easily be broken down into very simple terms.

The reason that blogs are so powerful is because the search engines totally love them!

I remember a few years ago when people were discovering how much money they could make online while using blogs as part of their overall plan. The amount of money which was being created by people who had never made a cent before online was remarkable.

You can create a blog in the morning, add a few articles in the afternoon and by the next morning hundreds (or even thousands) of visitors would be visiting your site.

And the most remarkable thing is...

It is still working just as well today!

In Winning The Online War The Wordpress Way, you will discover:

How you can literally click one button and have a great-looking fully-functional website in less than 10 seconds!

How there are actually two versions of Wordpress and how each can outpower the other in certain situations!

How choosing the wrong host will kill your blog even before you have created it!

The importance of the order which you post information to your blog and how the obvious will often not be the correct choice!

The easiest way to give Google (and the other search engines) exactly what they want!

Why blogs can be an integral part of your link network even if you didn't know that you had one!

The easiest ways to make your blog stand out to human visitors (this just takes a few minutes).

What plugins are and why they are almost as important as your blog itself.

How to put Adsense or other advertising on your blog so you can be 100% sure that it is optimized correctly.

What settings you MUST change or else you will be penalized in a big way.

The important things that you should have on your front page.

The easiest way to have your visitors subscribing to your list.

And Much Much More...

As I told you earlier, Wordpress is very easy to navigate around and control, but there are several things that you can do wrong which could mess up your whole experience.

Once you know what they are, you will actually smile as you see other blogs who are getting everything wrong in your industry but you are able to beat them because you are in the know.

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