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The overwhelming success of a famous local bakery store in Singapore that has expanded in 9 other countries resulted from a single branch that only started 8 years ago. You can find 7-11 stores in almost every corner of the streets locally and internationally, deriving from the fact that it started from a store selling ice blocks. Giant brands did not always start big in their industry. They all started with a good idea through an outlet

Franchise It, organised by business consulting firm, Astreem Corporation was held at NUSS located at Suntec City on 12th of June 2008. This half-day seminar covers Singapore Franchise Opportunities, the fundamentals of franchising for business owners and making use of franchise opportunities. “Franchise It aims to provide business owners with options on their business investments, an overview of franchising and the processes involved in the development of a good business franchise structure and program,” says Hsien Naidu, the Founder and Director of Astreem who leads the team of business consultants, franchise consultants and marketing consultants in the business consulting firm.

Topics covered during the seminar were:

The franchising & franchise opportunities concept Advantages of business franchise Basic steps in developing your business franchise program Test of your business’ “Franchisability” with Astreem franchise consultants Important features of the Franchise Operations Manual The Franchise Agreement Protecting your Intellectual properties Marketing your franchise

The speakers that are involved with this seminar were Astreem’s franchise consultants as well as Astreem legal consultant, Mr Karthi, a Trademark Consultant who has an extensive experience in intellectual properties protection. Attendees of this event are business owners who want to grow their operations via franchise business opportunities, entrepreneurs who want to expand their businesses using other people’s resources and franchisors encountering problems with their current business franchise program.

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