Innovative fund raising workshop set to help local school and improve the bottom line for local business owners too.

Oakland, CA (10-22-09) – Every year schools in our community have to raise money to help pay for the essential things, and during these economic hard times it is harder and harder to accomplish.

Fortunately, a new approach to fund raising is here. Local Internet Marketing expert Kevin Rockwell is working together with Park Day School to hold a unique and valuable business workshop aimed at giving local business owners the leg up they need in order to leverage the power of the internet in growing their revenues while cutting their marketing costs at the same time.

Kevin Rockwell Marketing will hold the workshop on Park Day School’s Community Theater on October 31st. The workshop fee charged to attend this event will be donated back to Park Day School as a charitable donation to the schools scholarship funding efforts.

Park Day School’s Tom Little says, “We are always trying to raise money for our school and community and this idea presented us with a chance to help local business owners and increase our fund raising as well. It is a true win-win and something out of the ordinary for our fund raising efforts.”

The marketing workshop is aimed at small to medium local businesses that are looking to find new and innovative ways to find new customers, retain old customers better, and grow their business using the power of social media, internet marketing, and powerful lead capture methods.

“So many companies still spend hundreds if not thousands on newspaper ads and other print advertising and are passing up on a golden opportunity to get in front of their target audience”, says Kevin Rockwell.

The internet is changing the way people find products and services.

And that is why Kevin Rockwell helps local businesses with these workshops, to take advantage of local search.  This method puts control of local internet advertising back in the hands of the community businesses that need it most.

The three hour workshop will be held on October 31st from 9am to 12pm at the Park Day School Community Theater located at 215 Ridgeway St, Oakland CA 94611.

The $147 workshop fee may be a business tax deduction for you, please check with your accountant or CPA to find out.

Local internet searches are only going to increase and it makes sense for more local companies to climb on board. This workshop will show in clear detail how your local business can succeed by zeroing in on local internet traffic and social media conversations.

This educational workshop is filled with tips, directions, step by steps, and informative guides into the world of internet marketing for the local business person. You will learn how social media can connect you to local customers, how to build a 24×7 sales lead capture system that builds customer bases and increases sales year after year, the ins and outs of video marketing and how it can help you build your local brand, and most importantly we show you how to DECREASE your marketing spend while increasing your sales at the same time.

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