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The explosion of smart phones in the marketplace has given rise to important new ways to reach out to your customers and supporters. Mobile devices have browsers built in that can allow someone on the go to look up your business on the web. But what is that experience like with your current website? Well for most businesses that means the phone would have to load a large web page that is not formatted to fit onto the small screen of a mobile device. Having a mobile optimized web site means you can capture web visitors who use a smart phone. We build you  a customized mobile web site that focuses your content in on just what your smart phone visitor wants to know, your contact info, directions, special offers, and so on.

AND it loads super fast so your smart phone browser does not get bored waiting for it to load. A departed visitor is a lost sale for your business.

This is now a critical item for local businesses as mobile web searches are taking over the big search engines versus desktop searches. The search engines are now adjusting their algorithms to give more weight to properly set up mobile friendly web sites. You must get your site mobile friendly to compete. Whether you are local to Alameda mobile web site optimization or some other locale you need to be on this for your business.

Give us a shout today to get your web site mobile optimized!


SMS Marketing(Text Message)

Mobile phone users love to use text messaging. The open rate on text messages is sky high. And if the user knows you and your business they will open and read your text almost everytime. Smarts businesses are running text messaging campaigns to engage their audience and build customer loyalty. It can be as simple as sending out useful information a couple times a week to your audience along with a special offer and you will have more customers coming back through your doors.

How it works: you sign up for one of our SMS Marketing packages and pick a keyword for your business. Then you promote to your customers that if they text this keyword to your special number they will get in on some special deals only offered through text messages. It takes no time on their part, they don’t have to give up an email address and you get to market direct to their phone.


Send Alerts from the web

You can instantly send SMS messages to your subscribers, set your automatic response, choose a contest winner, or anything else you want to do to manage your group through our staff.

Send Alerts from your Phone via SMS

Our co-manager feature allows you to send alerts from your phone by simply sending an SMS message. You can also authorize other phones to send alerts to your group. For instance, you can allow employees to send alerts this way.

Remind customers of appointments

Need to send a message to just one customer? It’s easy! Just type in the phone number and send the message. You can also schedule the message for some time in the future. Perfect for appointment reminders!

New – Schedule alerts to be sent in the future

Timing is key when communicating via SMS – your customers will read the message instantly. Sometimes you want to send messages when it’s not convenient for you – just schedule your alerts to go out at the optimal time!

Use coupons and contests to build your group

The more people you have in your group, the more people will get your message and take action on it. Offering a coupon incentive for joining is a proven method for growing your list. You can also run a contest offering a prize to one of your group’s subscribers.

Reply Instantly with an Automatic Response

Also known as a “bounceback ad”, the automatic response can be set to reply with any message you want people texting to your group to get. It’s a great way to provide an offer or coupon, or even general info such as hours or directions.

For your Alameda mobile web and SMS marketing call us today to get started – 510-289-3495

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