Here are some nice words and videos from folks I have worked with over the years in my various business pursuits.

Kevin has been so great to work with.  He’s creative and thoughtful and incredibly competent, meets all deadlines: excellent in all respects. I’m very glad we’re working together.”

Joan Dark
Real Estate Professional

janis“When I was still struggling to master online marketing I joined a program where Kevin was my mentor. He patiently taught me so much and that knowledge eventually translated into tens of thousands of dollars. I’m blown away by Kevin’s vast knowledge of what works in Internet Marketing. You couldn’t choose someone better to guide you to online success”

Janis Pettit

carol bentley“When you are looking for a mentor or consultant you need someone who has the experience you need and the patience and communication skill to pass that knowledge over.

That’s exactly what you did for me. Some of the questions I asked must have seemed really naive, but you were not the least bit phased or impatient. My website has grown over the years as a result and I now have launched products of my own.

You helped me reach my specific goal with the minimum aggravation and anyone who gets to work with you has a star on their side.”
Carol A E Bentley, Author & Professional B2B Copywriter (UK).

“Kevin Rockwell and I have worked together online (virtually) for the past seven years. Kevin and I have both trained a lot of students in how to build their own Internet businesses and produce and sell their own products. I have to say he is one terrific Mentor and Coach as I have also learned a lot from him just as his students have. He is a very knowledgeable blog and video expert that I have had the pleasure of learning a great deal form in both of these critical success areas.
Among my many Internet businesses I also run a membership site and I now have several of Kevin’s students who are members of that site. They have had nothing but HUGE compliments about his coaching and mentoring and as I work with his students I can tell they have indeed been cached very well. Kevin has always done what he said he would do and on many occasions he has exceeded my expectations several times over!”
Mike DomeckBiz Profit Tools

“Over my 17 year career as a correspondent for CNN I worked with a lot of photographers, but Kevin was ALWAYS one of the best! Kevin is never just a shooter, he is a consummate journalist in the truest sense of the word. He’s smart, well-read, and has a fabulous sense of humor. (which is a huge plus on breaking news stories!)

Kevin has an incredible eye for figuring out the best shots for storytelling. A true renaissance man, Kevin was also ahead of the curve in the nineties in terms of web development and the internet. CNN San Francisco was the first bureau to have it’s own web page in the mid -nineties and Kevin helped design it! I wouldn’t hesitate to hire Kevin as a photographer OR as someone to help me with web production in my business. He has the creative drive to succeed at both!”

Rusty Dornin – former CNN correspondant – News

“Kevin and I worked together on several projects at CNN.  He was a great addition to our teams.  His talents as a cameraman, and commitment as a journalist meant we were very successful in everything we tackled.

You cannot go wrong working with Kevin and having him on your project.”

Jim Miller – Sr. Executive Producer, Producers International Media, Inc.

“Kevin has a great eye as a Director of Photography. He is collaborative and works tirelessly to get that great shot. Kevin works well with people which makes for a smooth working environment. It’s always a pleasure working with him. ”

Patrick Wong Beyond Pix Studios

“Kevin is easy to work with as well as a true professional. I have brought him on shoots as both a primary cameraman as well as my number two on multi-camera jobs and he has been great in both rolls. He is serious and trustworthy. I look forward to hiring him again.”

Sean David Karlin

“After leaving the security of a staff position, I was fortunate to have met Kevin. He offered to me great advice and encouragement, which has allowed me to develop a successful freelance career. Many times we would end up working together, and in those times he made things easier and more enjoyable.”

Paul Schlindwein

“Kevin is the rock (pardon the pun) when you’re working in an industry where everything changes moment to moment. A safe pair of hands, and very client friendly. He is our No.1 guy in California. Jim Shields”

JimShields Twist and Shout Productions (UK)

“Kevin’s professionalism and attention to detail are first rate. Whether I am working with him or contracting his services I know the results will be flawless.”

Peter Fuszard DP

“I would hire his company as often as he is available. He is an expert in his field and his creativity is far superior to anyone that I have used in my organization. He is always on time and works extremely well with all the groups in my company. I would highly recomend Kevin on any project.” 

David Dubiel CNN LA Operations Mgr

“Kevin is an outstanding director of photography, who I have had the pleasure to work with on many shoots as his audio tech. He is always well prepared and knowledgeable about any circumstance that comes up on a shoot. I would recommend him to any producer who wants a quality product.” July 23, 2008

Torence Brown , Audio Technician , Stanovision Productions

“Kevin Rockwell is our first call for outsourcing video production in the Northern California region. We refer Kevin on projects without hesitation because we know he will provide honest, intelligent and creative solutions to any production scenario. He is a first-rate operator as well as a knowledgeable source of alternative means of video production. Call him when you need a job done right. You’ll rest easy. I know we do.” July 24, 2008

Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Expert

Bill Langley – CNN LA/ Freelance DP

“Kevin was a staff photographer with the San Francisco bureau for many years until he was able to leave to start his own business. They don’t come any more talented and professional than Kevin. He was always a pleasure to work with and his video photography was top notch. I have the great good fortune to occasionally continue to work with him on various CNN projects and the experience is always wonderful.” July 24, 2008

Peter Ornstein , Producer , CNN

“Kevin Rockwell is a master story teller with the camera. He was our Chief Photographer during my tenure as Bureau Chief at CNN San Francisco. We have been to far flung locales where getting the story is an absolute MUST: 600 miles north of the Arctic Circle on a whales environmental story, deep in the forests of America, on the oceans off the West Coast, across the Middle East, on countless campaign buses. Utterly reliable, creative, productive, conscientious and contributory, Kevin is the person you absolutely must have on the shoot. Kevin and I have worked on projects post-CNN, all with first rate results.” July 23, 2008

Greg Lefevre , Bureau Chief , CNN

“Been doing this for awhile and know a professional when I see/work with one; Kevin is mild mannered yet has a sense of urgency which is necessary in many aspects of our business, he is an amazing cameraman who can perform under pressure whether it be ‘live’ shots, eng or making an interview look beautiful . I highly recommend this gentleman .”

Philip M. Weiner , Owner , PMW Prods, Inc

“I knew Kevin from our work together on the club’s referee assignment automation, but what I didn’t know was the depth of his knowledge about working with players to take their skills to the next level – at least until I hired him to work with my team. I was so impressed with the clinics that Kevin and his team put on, that I enrolled my own son in several. Kevin’s team had such an intuitive sense of what to teach and how to teach it that the results were simply amazing. All done with a high regard for the individual and with the utmost of professionalism.”

Michael Maxson