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Getting to the top of the search engines is a great way to attract more customers to your business. But getting your website there is not easy. BUT with the power of video marketing you can see dramatic results. Watch our video below to see how….

video marketing

If you are a business owner and you are not using video marketing to capture the attention of your customers and potential customers then please sit up and read this post. It is that important. There is tons of vital research out now that shows that video is the number one enhancement of a website to improve your click to appointment ratio.

Video is also a great way to educate your existing patients/clients; gone are the days of FAQ pages with laundry lists of questions an answers. If you want your web visitors to stay on your site and not click away you HAVE to present them information in video. OK so lets say you buy into this argument. But now you are saying to yourself, this video must be hard to do, expensive to produce, and takes a staff of people to accomplish.

I am here to show you that none of those is true and you can implement a video marketing strategy for a very affordable rate using our professional staff and our effective methodologies. You see we have over thirty years of video experience and are tapped into the best sources on web video today, so we can take your business, create effective videos and implement them for you in no time and have you seeing real results. Not only is video a great attraction to new customers, but it can also increase your search engine ranking on Google TM and Yahoo and Bing to name a few.

Engage your audience Choose from these options when planning your video marketing campaign:

Custom workshop Рhire our professional team to come on location and do a hands on workshop for your business where we show you how to do video yourself. We teach you only what you need to do for your specific needs and business. We show you, walk you through the process, and give you the list of gear and resources you need to do it in house. Why? Well we love to teach what we do to business owners. And some folks have staff or creative desire  to do it themselves so why not let us show you the way.

video marketing oaklandWeb video introduction – we come to your business and spend 2-3 hours shooting an introduction web video that shows off your products and services and gives the viewer an introduction to you and what and why you do it in your business. This is easy, painless, and EFFECTIVE! The edited video runs about 60-90 seconds in length and we provide you with the code to embed it on your web site, and we will also distribute it to other video sharing sites for expanded marketing exposure. The whole process takes less than a week to complete and gives you a terrific video to show off your business.
Cost: $1000

Web Video introduction (short version) – in this version of our web video we produce a 30 second web video for your business local video marketingthat focuses on your 30 second elevator pitch for your business, just the essential stand out features you want your customers to know about your business. We record your 30 second pitch and then spend 30 minutes on location shooting video of your business to illustrate the video for your customers. We then edit the video and format it for easy uploading to the web, Facebook, YouTube or where ever you want to further brand your business online.
Cost: $500


Build A youtube channel video marketingBranded Video Channel This is a full boat package that will really rocket you to the top of the rankings with a series of videos, a web video introduction, full distribution of your video, and a branded YouTube channel for your business. in this package we spend a full day with your business where we shoot your video introduction piece, and then we shoot other expanded video segments about your business. Focus on specific products or services, personnel, history, or just the flavor of your business. From this additional video we create ten videos (short – 1-3 minutes max) which we then give the full distribution push to dozens of video sites in order to give you maximum exposure. We build you a custom YouTube video channel with your brand integrated into the design and we load all your videos up to this channel so you can show off your business to new and existing customers and clients. No more reading through dull documents, now you can let your visitors engage with your business by watching videos produced by your company. What this entails:

  • Full Day Production Our video producer will arrive onsite at your practice for a full day of recording you, your staff, and others such as client testimonials.
  • Welcome Video You will make a great first impression on prospective clients with a welcome video on your home page.
  • Topic outlines Topics will be outlined and scripted in advance for your convenience.
  • Video and lighting Our producer will turn your business into a mini studio for a day using state-of-the-art cameras, microphones, and lighting to ensure the highest quality audio and video. However we also make it so that we do not impede your flow of business on production day. We can work around your needs.
  • Digital Video Conversion Your video footage will be digitized for easy uploading to You Tube,¬† and other video sharing sites.
  • Editing Our clients are surprised how good they look after their video footage is edited and enhanced by our team of editors and producers. We know how to make you look good!
  • Video SEO and coding Your videos will be enhanced and coded to maximize their impact on the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your site.
  • 10 Produced Clips Your full day of video production will include up to 10 finished video clips. We think this is an incredible deal considering our competitors charge upwards of $20,000.00 for the equivalent.

Cost: $5000

Video Gallery of Our Projects


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Contact us via the form below to get a quote for your branded video channel. You will be shocked at how affordable these packages are and how much value you can get from them.

Video Marketing and SEO Consulting Services for the Bay Area

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