Our aim is to provide your business with the best value and the most return on investment for your marketing dollar. We want you to spend less out of your hard earned bottom line and see more growth in your customer base.

How do we do that? Well by providing you packages that can zero in on your marketing needs that all have measurable tracking so you see what your results are month after month. We offer five low cost, low risk packages that can give you an idea of what we offer without breaking your budget.

However for the most bang for your buck and immediate results to your business we offer several package deals that include several elements to them that will boost your marketing, often times in days and not months.

Please contact us to get your free no risk consultation so we can outline what is in these packages and show you how it can bring new business to your company.

Consulting Packages

Low Cost – Low Risk -Five for Five Hundred

$500 Fully optimized  web portal- website with quality on site copy, tuned for your business niche needs

$500Automated Marketing System Lead Captureinstall a lead capture form and create a quality lead capture report for your patients.

$500SEO Website Analysis- analyze your site for search engine effectiveness and perform full tune up of your onsite copy, tags, and code

$500Video “Infomercial” on Your Business- 1 minute video infomercial featuring your business and its key benefit points. This can then be embedded into your home page for maximum customer value.

$500Custom Online Marketing Blueprint For Your Business ($1500 value)

Social Media Package – all businesses need to be using social media

$1500 – Get your business on the social media network and see how it can work for local businesses!

  • Custom Twitter account and strategy
  • Custom YouTube Channel
  • Facebook account and customization
  • traffic building services

“Close The Sale” Package – comprehensive

$3000 – Social media, Optimized web portal, Video “infomercial”,  Content Syndication

The “Sales Force Package” – Local Internet Marketing Domination Plan

$5000 – geo targeting your customers – our most comprehensive marketing package that will build your Online Marketing Blueprint for results.

This package consists of all of our services rolled into one. You get an optimized web site, massive promotion marketing, video infomercial, custom branded channels for social media promotion, lead capture system, and a full business marketing blueprint for web success.

  • Marketing Blueprint
  • Custom Twitter
  • Custom YouTube
  • Custom Facebook
  • Video marketing – “infomercial”
  • Web Portal
  • Content syndication
  • SEO optimization/analysis
  • Automated Lead Capture System
  • Tracking reports

– regionally target your Internet marketing

Monthly maintenance services:

Monthly newsletters written and sent to your customers

Monthly social media posts

$97 -$297 per month