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alameda seo servicesAlameda SEO consultant Kevin Rockwell brings your business top rankings in the search engines so you can get long term results from organic search engine traffic in Google and the other major Search Engines such as Yahoo, Bing, and Ask. Local businesses need to connect with customers in as many ways as they can to make those crucial impressions that make consumers want to do business with you.

In Alameda CA you have a small city that was a very traditional city with a large Navy presence for many years. Once the Navy base closed the city has changed in many ways over the last 15 years. A new population dynamic has come to be and that has translated into new demographics for businesses to connect with and many new businesses on the island that need to connect with more customers every month.

We work closely with local businesses to determine what kind of searches they want to rank for in the search engines and then we apply our safe and completely above board promotion to the business site in order to build up the rankings. This is done through a combination of website optimization (making the content work, creating new content, fixing up errors on site, creating proper tags, and making sure the business info is correct on all pages) as well as off site link building through citations and links from authority websites to your business website.

alameda seo consultantWe perform great SEO for your local business. In order to get your web site (or any web site for that matter) to the top of the organic search engine results you have to optimize your site for the keywords you want to be found for by your customers. In the case of local businesses this usually means keywords that are geo targeted to your business neighborhood. At KRM we can perform a web site tuneup that gives your pages the right amount of tweak necessary to be found by the search engines above your competitors. Then we go the next step to build quality inbound links to your site to give it the boost you need to hit page one and even number one in Google and the other top search engines.

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Alameda SEO Services for Local Businesses

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