I bet as local business it had not occurred to you that having your website available to be read and seen on mobile devices was at all necessary, much less,  easy to do. Most local businesses struggle to just get a website going. But to  optimize it for the latest trends and accessibility provided by fast emerging technologies is out of reach for most.

There is much talk going on in the web circles about how how mobile access to your local business through local search (which is booming by the way) or by direct access to your site is going to be very valuable to you as a business owner in creating and keeping new customers in coming years.

So you probably have no clue how to make your business be seen on mobile phones, PDA’s and so on. Well I am here to tell you that it is in fact down right easy to do. Yes due to the fact that there are smart entrepreneurs out there coming up with great new ideas every month we now how at least two very viable ways to get our online web sites converted for free so that mobile users can see and access your business on the go.

These two sites are easy to use, free, and take very little time to set up. It does not get much better than that. The first one is my choice of the way to go.  Winksite allows you to provide your content for the mobile crowd. It is all online, step by step and easy to do. It sets you with a mobile URL, has revenue sharing if you want to put ads in your site, and they put you into their mobile directory.

The second option is called Mofuse and it is similar to Winksite with easy to do step by step integration and again it is free to use for standard functionality. If your site is a WordPress blog they provide a plug in you can use that detects if a user is coming from a mobile device and automatically serves them a mobile friendly version of your blog.

So go mobile for your business and capture more of those local customers!

Here is my Mofuse mobile URL to check out: http://kevinrockwell.mofuse.mobi/

And here is my Winksite mobile URL: http://winksite.mobi/rockkvid/kr