One of the things we preach to our clients is that if you create solid content on your site that is properly optimized you can get top Google search engine rankings in short order. We have had some terrific Oakland SEO successes of late due to adding this kind of content to our clients pages.

By combining good quality descriptions of the business services they offer as well as geo targeted keywords in the copy we are able to let Google know that this is relevant content for this business. They in turn give our clients first page search engine listings that mean more traffic and potentially more customers for our clients. When someone searches for an Oakland contractor and sees a search result that is at the top of the page which says Oakland contractor and they click through to that page they have shown buying intent. These are highly focused visitors who are not randomly searching for a contractor but rather they are interested in one that works in Oakland in particular.

So if you are a local business that is interested in finding new customers searching for we have seen terrific results of late your business in your local area you need to keep this concept in mind.

In particular we have seen great results of late when we have created additional pages for clients websites that focus on one of their specific services and one of their specific locations.

Example of Oakland SEO Successes

oakland seo successes

This is one example where we got a number one rank in less than a week for this client. If you want SEO success then let us know and we will show you how we can create content that gets you ranked and seen by more customers every week of the year.




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