If you have ever considered your marketing options for your business and felt that you had no chance of doing video or TV ads you need to think again. Seriously. Web video and now online TV ads have become a very real marketing option that can drive geo targeted customers to your doors this week.

Please read this clip from a Jivox.com report on the effectiveness of online TV ads for small businesses like yours:

Reaching new customers can be challenging for most businesses. While tried-and-true methods such as newspaper advertising remain popular, a new ad medium has also taken the business world by storm.

Online video ads — short-form commercials that run on Web sites — are proving to be one of the most effective ways to advertise online, with some video ads generating twice the clicks of banner ads. In fact, advertisers report planning to allocate about 35 percent of their budget on the ads by 2012, according to Borrell Associates.

Small businesses are catching on to this trend, fueled by a host of do-it-yourself Web sites that offer inexpensive, locally targeted, online video ad programs. Companies such as Jivox (www.jivox.com) allow advertisers to get started for as little as a few hundred dollars per campaign and make developing an online commercial simple and fun.

For example, Princess Port Bed and Breakfast in Half Moon Bay, California used Jivox to create an ad with free video footage showing a couple holding hands and walking on a beach, with a link to a coupon. After Princess Port ran the video ad, bookings skyrocketed, and 85 percent of new guests redeemed the coupon.

So there are several options for you to get your business on the web in video and none of them have to break the bank and in fact are cheaper than banner ads, display ads in print publications. Plus consumers are engaged and they take action.

Sample ad we produced for a client recently:

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