puzzle_piecesAs a small business owner there are so many puzzle pieces to keep track of in the course of the day, week, month. You have sales, advertising, payroll, inventory, marketing, and on and on. In order to keep everything in place and things rolling smoothly is a large and difficult task for even the best of businessmen.

But to add in growing your customer base on a regular basis can be a challenging task. As a small business most folks think of the internet as not related to their audience/customer base. The internet seems like a big wide open world wide thing and cannot bring customers from your backyard. Or the other thing that happens is a small business puts up a web site to keep up with the internet trend. And in most cases it is a billboard for the business that does nothing to bring customers to your door.

The key thing you, as a small business, need to know is that local search is growing with leaps and bounds. Customers searching for goods and services via paper books is dropping precipitously. YOUR customers are going to the web and trying to find you. But if your presence is hard to find on the web or if it only gives them basic information you will lose them.

What do the terms auto responder, opt in, SEO, Facebook, Twitter, social networking, and Bebo mean to you? Do these things register? Well if they do not please do not panic. Most offline businesses have no idea either. But I can help you.

You see after eight years of teaching and mentoring others to build and grow their businesses online I know what these things mean, how they can help your business, and I show you how to do it. I can come and help you in person with a free consultation where we take a look at your business and how you are using the web (or not using it in some cases). I will lay out simple first steps you can take to dominate the local search for your business and bring more customers to your door.

I also teach educational workshops where we expand on these topics in great detail so that you can come up to speed on customer acquisition and retention using the internet in no time. Oh and I show you how you can reduce your ad costs, and increase your ROI using the web. Most business owners like that sort of information….

Check out what this network is doing to help businesses connect locally to their customers. Drop me a line if you would like a free consult or if you would like to find out about one of my workshops.