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Astreem Corporation launches Astreem Business Matching Service and is Singapore’s premier initiative supporting franchise business opportunities for entrepreneurs and small business in diversified industries.

For the past three years, Astreem has been developing franchise systems through Singapore franchise opportunities for many small and medium sized companies as well as producing and participating in many regional face-to-face selling events, franchise fairs, seminars and workshops.

Today with over 40 franchise business opportunities available for individual franchise investment, Astreem is offering business matching services for individuals seeking franchise and other business opportunities. Individuals seeking a business matching service that will prioritise their business investments personal needs will find this service very convenient as well as useful as they pursue their entrepreneurial ambitions. To assist with the match, Astreem business consultants will conduct a Needs Analysis, Risk Assessment, Personal Interest, Time Involvement before embarking on any direct match. If a match does not immediately appear under the existing suite of franchise business opportunities, Astreem can also assist to source one that might.

Astreem Business Matching Service includes a highly successful schedule of event management consultancy services in networking and educational activities, Singapore franchise opportunities Discovery Days as well as customised tours to selected business opportunities.

Astreem Corporation is a boutique business consulting company that has a team of business consultants that comprises of franchise consultants, branding consultants and marketing consultants. Astreem’s business consultants specialise in helping business owners grow their business through franchise development, marketing and business matching locally and overseas. It is a business solution platform that partners with entrepreneurs to build their businesses and to enhance their business investments and foundation in the market. Astreem promises to be the Business Solution partner for every business owner.

Astreem business consulting offers dynamic programs and strategies aimed at growing different businesses, ranging from franchising to licensing, dealerships to distributorships. Astreem offers complete programs which help in developing various business models, covering strategy, strategic and tactical marketing, public relations, legal advice, marketing and business brokering.

John Lim of Wan Chai Hong Kong Tea Room, one of Astreem’s franchise opportunities clients said that, “….. The most valuable service that Astreem offers is that they actively help us to market our franchise system to recruit franchisees and open up franchised units.” Ms. Ow Shin Yann of HoneyPot likewise said that “Astreem does a lot of handholding and this is rare in the business arena. We ended up as friends with no compromise on their professionalism”. Deidre Goh of the medSpa has this to say with Astreem, “They showed us the real potential of our business. Now, instead of just marketing our medSpa outlet, we market our entire business through them.” Tan Juat Li of Fave Nails said Astreem’s professionalism and positive attitude really helped add value to our business. We’re really glad to have chosen Astreem to help us with our franchise plan!

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