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Mark Yates asked:

As a business consultant at a lot of HR personnel have been contacting me to find out more about our one stop shop approach to business consultancy. The best way to present my response was to write a brief article titled business consultancy one stop shop, for the owners of

Dr. Mark D. Yates states, I’ve spent a lot of years directly involved in business consultancy and have always felt unhappy that none of the major or even any of the smaller business consultancy agencies offered a true one stop shop approach to a business consultant.

In this age of advanced technology and internet and e-commerce sales rocketing it’s inconceivable that none of the business consultancy agencies have spotted this niche in the market. Many other business sectors have recognised the need for a one stop shop business concept and have filled the gap by providing this online service to people related to their specific industry.

Dr. Mark Yates from “Business Consultancy One Stop Shop explains that we live in an age that only appears to recognise ‘now’. People, especially every professional business consultant I know has an expectation that they ought to be able to find everything they need for their business consultancy business under the one roof, and they want it from the internet and they want it now.

The premise of Business Consultancy one stop shop offered by is that every business owner, business decision maker, purchasing officer and business consultant can source everything they are ever likely to require in order to source consultancy services and products at extremely competitive prices.

It is based on this premise that the owners of Business Consultancy One Stop Shop” decided to set up the one stop shop concept in a dynamic e-commerce web site.

Dr. Mark D. Yates continues; business consultancy is changing, and make no mistake it has to if it is to survive. Business consultancy has languished in the prehistoric age for far too long. This can be partially attributed to the industry being formed on what’s commonly referred to as, ‘the old school tie brigade.’ For many years business consultancy has been compared to running Freemasonry. It’s no secret that the average of a UK business consultant is 55. Given this age average, it’s safe to say the industry fields many computer technophobes and many of these business consultants are missing out on new business because of their inability to navigate through basic IT skills and e-commerce.

Dr. Mark D. Yates from “Business Consultancy One Stop Shop” further advises that ‘Silver Surfers are the fastest growing demographic for learning how to use a desktop and laptop computer. Interestingly this age group has also been identified as one of the fastest growing sectors for new business start ups.

One thing is sure, whether business consultants embrace the concept of e-commerce for new business or even if they have to be dragged kicking and screaming into IT technology the future of business consultancy lies very firmly in cyber space. The one stop shop is a fantastic starting point for all business owners.

Any business consultant who doesn’t embrace the internet for their business will lose out in a big way.

If you are interested in business or business consultancy and you want to see the future of business to business consultancy then visit they are running a special offer where you can post your professional business resume on their dynamic web site for just £49.99.

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