This is a super simple and extremely effective technique that you can use to drive tons of mostly targeted traffic to your website using the insanely popular video site – YouTube.

One of the big advantages of this technique is that there is little competition – unlike competing for top spot in Google, it’s much easier to achieve top spot on YouTube.

Here’s how it works:

When someone watches a video on YouTube, when it’s over, often they’ll watch a similar related video.

So what you need to do to take advantage of this is to latch on to a new, but very popular ‘viral’ video in your niche market as a related video. By being one of the top responses or related videos to a really popular video that’s getting tons of views and is going viral, you’ll basically feed off their traffic to generate your own which in turn means website visitors.

There are some videos on YouTube with over 30,000,000 (that’s 30 million) views. Just think – if 5% of those people clicked over to your video and then 2% of those clicked through to your website, you’d get 30,000 new visitors to your website, which when monetized properly can mean hardcore profits.

I know most popular videos don’t get that many views, but even if they only manage 3 or 5 million and you hitch on for a ride at the right time, you could still end up with several thousand new visitors.

So, to take advantage of this technique, all you need to do is go to YouTube and find a video in your niche that’s new and on it’s way to becoming popular and getting a lot of views. Since you want a popular, but new video, go to the advanced search options and sort the results by ‘View Count’ and under ‘Uploaded’ choose ‘Today’ or ‘This Week’ and look for a video that’s gotten thousands or 10’s of thousands of views that you can tag along with.

Under the video, you see ‘Video Responses’ – click on that, then the ‘Post a Video Response’ link. Then create a video as a response to the popular one you found, and post it as a video response to feed off its traffic.

This way if / when that popular video you posted a response to goes viral, your video is going to show up as a ‘Video Response’ to that one and often as a ‘Related Video’ as well (if you copy the other videos’ tags and make them similar to your own).

So, when someone finishes watching that video, there’s a good chance they’ll click on yours as a response or related video and watch it next, which can make your video popular and drive a lot of traffic to your website.

While the quality of the video you post does matter and should be good, it doesn’t have to look like a fancy studio production and it doesn’t have to be very long either. As long as you have good content and provide either useful information or entertainment, that’s what really matters. Think along the lines of article marketing content. Make a video that gives them interesting, useful information in your niche in an entertaining style… or even a video that’s pure entertainment.

If you’re stuck on ideas, check out some other popular videos in your niche (or even a different one) and see what people are doing and what seems to be popular.

Hardly anyone uses this technique (I’ve seen videos with over 10 million views and no video responses), yet it can be insanely effective. Though… it can be a little hit or miss – but even if you miss, you’re still way ahead of the game.

If you happen to tag along with a video that ends up getting a million views or more, you can still get thousands of visitors to your website. If the video only ends up with 50 or 100 thousands views, you still can squeeze a few hundred visitors out of it and if you’re good at creating a video, that’s not bad for an hour or two’s work.

Just remember to put in a link to your website with your video and in your profile!