The old model for running teleseminars is broken.

How can I say that?

Because I’ve participated in a lot of them, and
I’ve run a lot of them myself.

Here are the problems as I see it:

1. All the beeps and “background noise” drives
me absolutely nuts.

2. Teleseminars are always 1-way: Me talking to
everybody else. Very little engagement.

3. Most conference call systems stink. They
really do. Talk to anybody who’s been doing
teleseminars for very long and you’ll hear the
same thing.

Anyway, my point is not to “dog” teleseminars (the
model itself is very good)… but rather to
introduce you to new technology that makes
teleseminars WAY better.

It’s called MaestroConference.

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When you use MaestroConference to conduct a
teleseminar, it’s no longer just a one-way affair.

What’s more, instead of getting maybe 1-5%
engagement, you can literally get 100% of
listeners actively engaged by using the group
break-out feature.

Here are a few of the things that make
MaestroConference so unique. You can…

* Organize workshop-style training by phone,
complete with breakout groups that simulate a
real workshop. (Deliver a virtual in-person
training experience without the hassle and
expense of travel.)

* Instruct listeners to order during a
teleseminar by pressing a button on the phone.
(No longer do you have to rely solely on hard-
to-remember URLs.)

* Conduct live Q&A calls and “pass the mic” to
people who “raise their hands” — thereby
avoiding the chaos and noise pollution that
happens when you “open up the lines.”

Any one of these new features would make
teleseminars and teleconferences much more

By putting all three features together, this is
bound to make virtual phone events more engaging,
more persuasive, and more profitable.

Right now, when you sign up to MaestroConference’s
Notification List, you’ll qualify for a free trial
in early summer.

All you have to do is click the link below and
sign up with your name and email.

If you’d like to start using MaestroConference
right away, then pay close attention to the page
you’ll see after you sign up.

I’ve managed to get a few “Earliest Bird” specials
just for you. Basically, you’ll get twice the
service for half the regular price.

This offer is limited to only 750 people, and we
expect these to go fast. Complete details will
appear after you sign up for a free trial account.


If you grab one of these now, you’ll be one of
the “early adopters” who gets to test-drive the
technology for a fraction of what other people
will pay.

And you’ll get “First Mover’s Advantage” in your
niche — offering virtual trainings that are far
superior to your competitors.

This gets my strongest endorsement.