Kevin Rockwell

Kevin Rockwell

After years of working as an Internet Marketer building successful web sites, coaching others to build successful web sites, and mentoring many newbies how to do this themselves, I have decided to hang out the shingle and begin to consult with local businesses showing them how to grow their business even in tough times.

I will be holding information filled seminars where local business people can learn how to implement modern marketing strategies that will mean more customers coming in the door, more return customers coming back month in and month out, and all the while saving them lots of money on their advertising budgets. We show a business how to get killer ROI on their advertising using the internet. Many businesses do not even know what their ROI is on their advertising dollars.

Well we can measure and will teach you how to do it. The results will amaze you.

I invite non profit organizations to work with me to sponsor these seminars for the very members of your organizations who need to grow their customer base. You can make money by working with me. We share the revenues from the seminar held at your club and you give a great benefit to your members. A win win for both of us. Contact me today on how you can raise funds for your non profit.

Want to know about me and what I have done for the past ten years on the internet? Take it from Google. Just do a search on my name in Google and see all the different things I have done.