HDI would like to break from posting part two of our “Billboard or Customer Magnet” post today so that I can talk about another item that struck me lately.

You see sometimes when you spend your life with computers and the Internet you have to deal with the issues that come with them. You see there are dangers out there to watch out for and most of the time we are way too busy to see them or to try and prevent the mayhem they can cause. Last year, at a most inopportune time one of my wqork computers had a hard drive failure and it caused me a couple weeks of frantic scrambling to recover and update things. In the end it worked out but there is no way that I would want that again. So I got on schedule to do back ups.

Yeah. And you should too! (Yeah right Kevin and I am going to floss everyday too!) I know I know it is is hard. But between hardware failure and viruses lurking and worms crawling into our systems there is much to be on the lookout for all the time.

So as good as I have been the last year keeping my anti virus up to date, de fraggin my discs, backing up my data, things still can go wrong. Last week I was digitizing hours of video for a wonderful client of mine. I had spent a whole week on this video project. The external HD I was using for the video was brand new. Good name brand too. But one day last week. Boom. It up and died on me.

Could have been a catastrophe. But it was not. I was honest with the client. I told him what happened and how it was going to set us back. He appreciated that is understanding. I got another drive and it is working fine. I am working to get the other one replaced. Fingers crossed.

But the bottom line is to not let it get you down or fall down and cry. In business you have to face the bad days as thought they are good days. Stand tall. March on to the next part of the day and leave it behind.