(Part 1)
Copyright 2009 by Willie Crawford

It’s no secret that the right videos, submitted to the right
places, can generate millions of views.

It’s no secret that the search engines love video and are
constantly crawling video sharing sites. You can often get
a top 10 ranking for a keyword, using video, in under an

Let’s look at some of the keys to getting some of that
great traffic using videos.

One of the first things that you’ll notice is that in a
lot of niches, tons of people are discovering video.
That means that you need to create and submit more videos,
and you need to submit them to more places. If you don’t
used an automated submission service, that can be very
tedious, and tie up your computer for hours on end.

As you prepare to create your videos, you need to begin
by asking what is it that you want to accomplish. More
specifically, what do you want your viewers to do after
they finish watching a given video?

After you identify the goal of the video, you need to
actually map it out on a “storyboard.” What will be in
each frame, and what will the audio say?

If your video is being created using a tool such as
Camtasia (screen capture software) then you also want to
script it. You don’t want to leave any element of your
video to chance. You don’t want any little thing
detracting from accomplishing your goal.

If you practice the script and are very familiar with it,
even if you read it, it will sound natural to many viewers.

Speaking of sound, having high-quality audio is one of
the most important elements of a good video. Having
understandable audio, recorded at the right level is
actually more important than the quality of the picture.

The way to get great sounding audio is to 1) use a quality
microphone, and 2) don’t put the mike too close to your
mouth. You also need to be in a quiet place when you make
the recording.

Those are some technical tips for creating a good video that
will generate lots of traffic and perhaps even go viral.

Let’s look at one other slightly technical issue that you
absolutely must consider. Your video must target the
right keywords. That is, the title and description that
you enter at the video sharing sites must use terms that
your ideal customers are using when searching for your

It would probably be worthwhile to spend some time using
a tool such as the Google AdWords External Tool to
confirm EXACTLY what terms people are searching on
related to your product or service. You’ll find that
free tool at:

While researching using the Google External Keyword
Tool, look not only at the number of searches done each
month on a term, but also at the competition. Often you
can get an instant number-1 ranking for less competitive
terms that can still send you a worthwhile amount of
traffic – and these people are buyers actually looking
for very specific brands, etc. Those “long-tail
keywords” are worth their weight in gold when you notice
ones that your competitors haven’t.

In part-2 of this article, we’ll look at formatting and
submitting your videos in a way that runs circles around
your competitors. For now, start jotting down notes for
a few videos that you will make and use in your website
traffic generation efforts.


Willie Crawford is a website traffic generation expert.
He often distributes content (articles, videos, podcasts,
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