frank kernOK so maybe most of you may not know who Frank Kern is in the world of internet marketing, but let’s just say that he is one unique dude in the world of making money. And he appears to make lots of money from his methods. And lastly there is no one in the world of internet marketing that will deny that his methods are wacky and unconventional.

But it seems to work…

Frank is a long haired, beach loving, surfer dude who lives in La Jolla CA and sells big ticket products of his own and his associates for big paydays. He shoots video of himself doing funny things and then tags onto it with a free lesson for folks to learn. He does this several times a year. His main product of late has been “Mass Control” where he shows marketers how to line up customers and basically do a pseudo hypnosis on them so that they buy. It is all above board and all but it seems to work as he makes a ton of money and his students do as well.

So this week he has sent out a landing page with a new video for his latest launch. Every large list owner in the world is sending out emails telling us to go and watch this “funny” video. Normally Frank is a hoot but this week he ran dry on his “funny” intro. It did not work one bit.

Now the thing that is amazing is that even when he falls flat with the comedy he delivers with content that almost anyone can benefit from if they are marketing a product online or offline. He manages to explain things in such a way that it reveals truth but also leads one to want to buy his product to get the full story. Smart.

So don’t go watch it because I said so but rather because you want to learn some cool stuff. Laugh or not, it is up to you. Frank on video.