alameda video marketingAre you looking for the power of video to help your business? Alameda video marketing for your local business can be an effective method for getting the word out about your business in the local market where consumers are looking for your product or service. Video can build the essential “know, like and trust “ that gives consumers the confidence to pick up the phone or dial in your URL and contact you to do business.


Our team of marketing professionals has been producing high quality video for over 30 years and we know how to connect you to consumers so they get to know your business, get to know something about you and which distinguishes you from your competitors. Did you know that by using video marketing you can grab your visitors attention faster than if you just have words on the page? Studies have proven that if you have text and video side by side on your web page the user will gravitate to the video more than 80% of the time to consume the information.

Our clients often see results within a week or two of having this video produced and uploaded to the web. The rank for their video both in YouTube and in Google can be seen in short time and the benefits of having more customers see your listing and video will result in more calls to your business. Video marketing works because video is so powerful when consumers are looking for your business online.

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We have very good strategies to give your video the boost it needs to get you first page rank for your keyword on both YouTube and in the Google search results. Can you imagine having more than one listing on the first page of Google? Don’t you think your potential clients would be more likely to check you out than your competitors who don’t? Video marketing can get you these results.




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