In order to get more business from your website and online marketing efforts you have to have traffic. Traffic comes from some basic content and linking techniques. What is working in 2014 is below. This post will be the first part of this discussion and in coming posts I will elaborate on each of these items in more detail.

If you have questions about any of thes items then comment below and I will respond with details to help you build your business rank and get increased traffic to your website.

1. Build links to your website with quality content.

2. Build links with different placements of your anchor text.

3. Use your common sense and don’t go nuts building links at an insane pace, all
from low quality sites.

4. Slowly increase the level of links you build as you are increasing the types of links
you receive.

5. Randomize the anchor text so that you rank for your keywords and don’t get
slapped by Google for having obvious artificially created links. Make it look natural.

6. Create the anchor text randomization in such a way that you also rank for long tail
keywords that may not have even been in your initial keyword selection process.

7. Set up a general schedule so that you know when to move to the next phase of
link building.

8. Once you see some progress, continue forward with the new campaigns for your
site. Don’t stop building links – that’s a red flag to the search engines, especially
once your site is ranking high. Be consistent.

9. The primary links pointing to your money site should be higher quality, authority
links. No longer can you throw tons of low quality links at your site and build rank. This is crucial.