Deal of the Day sites have exploded on the marketplace lately. The market leader is Groupon but there are others like Living Social, and Trubates. Why do these sites make sense to consumers? Well they get a great deal and save money on things they want to buy or things they want to try and never had enough incentive.

Now for the merchant who contributes to these offers what exactly are they looking for in the deal? Well more customers in the door for sure, but I would say that most businesses want to build a bigger customer list, or following for their product or service.

The daily deals certainly get customers in the door and for many businesses this is a low or no cost marketing channel to get more exposure. Sure they are giving up some of the sale by participating in the deal but if they give the consumer a great experience once they come in the door they have the chance to turn that customer into a long term client and or a great referral to other consumers.

Now as a business should you consider using this marketing channel? I would say that MOST business to consumer businesses can find value in this type of marketing. BUT it is crucial that you do it right.

What can you do to ensure success in daily deal marketing?

1. Make an offer that makes sense to your operations. Don't over extend your resources, staffing, or product supply. Carefully evaluate what could happen if your deal is a hit.

2. Prepare your staff ahead of time so they know what to do when someone comes in bearing a coupon deal. Instead of seeing that customer as a bargain seeker why not treat them as a special person? Give them special treatment (free appetizer at a restaurant for example), make sure that when they give you the coupon for the deal that you give them in return your card that tells them how to join your customer appreciation club or gives them a discount on a future purchase. Anything you can give them that incentivizes them to come back for more.

3.Get them on your list! Do anything you can to get them to sign up for your list so you can communicate with them further. Don't let them go out the door and not give you a chance to communicate with them further. Get them to like your Facebook page!

4. Sign them up for your mobile marketing campaign where they would give you their cell phone number in exchange for you sending them text messages with special offers and coupons.

These are but a few ideas to ensure success with your daily deal marketing. For more on these ideas and how you can ensure success comment below and we can do a free consult for you to build your best daily deal marketing program.