Traffic. You need it. There are hundreds and thousands of “how to” manuals, systems, and web sites dedicated to this one topic. Traffic.

If you’re going to sell your product, people have to see it. If nobody visits your site, it is impossible to sell them anything.

On the flip side of that same coin, once you get them to your site, you have about 10 seconds to capture their attention. They need to want your product right away, or at least want to know more.
Have you ever visited a site and either clicked the “back” button or redirected to another site right away? It happens all the time. You weren’t “captured” by the headline.

I’m going to share with you my personal “how to” for writing headlines that “capture” attention…and help you to convert traffic to sales.

The Primary Headline is your biggest weapon of the sales page and should be used to showcase your biggest benefit to the reader. It should be large text, bold, and with different colors to highlight the most important points.

Answer these few questions for a start:
What is the ultimate “best reason” someone should buy your product?
What is the most desirable result of buying your product to the reader?
What, above everything else, would be most beneficial about buying it to the reader?
This is your chance to quickly summarize your entire salesletter in one or two eye-catching sentences that are GUARANTEED to be read by the visitor to your site.
Fire your biggest gun! You don’t have any time to lose…they need to be “captured” by what your product can accomplish for them!
Lay it all down…in one or two short sentences. What will the reader need to do, and what, in the end, will be the ULTIMATE reward for doing it? You can tell them details of how to do it later…for now, keep it simple, and keep the rewards in the forefront.
Do “this”, and get “that”. Having “this” will get you “that”. Cause and effect…a simple principle you’ve learned about since grade school. A simple cause leading to a highly rewarding effect…that’s what people are looking for.
This model can take many forms, but the principle is always the same. Risk/reward. Input/outcome. Time invested/money earned. Etc…
As with any type of advertisement or sales copy, there are some simple rules to follow in creating your headline…things that will help to boost the effect…

Use Details.
The more specific you can be the better. Not only does your statement seem more believable with specifics, but in many instances it can see more reachable. It’s not just “create a guide”, it’s “create a 10 step guide”. It’s not just “create a membership course”, it’s “get started with one lesson written…”
Use Time Frames. One of the things most people want is a “time frame”. How long will this take? When can I expect results? It’s not just “earn money working from home”, it’s “make a living working JUST A FEW HOURS each week…” It’s “in as little as 48 hours…”
Use Word Pictures. Most people want the easiest route to their destination of choice. Use word pictures to describe the ultimate result most desirable to the reader. It’s not just “working at home”, it’s “working from the comfort of your easy chair”.
So, there’s a lot to convey in your headline. It sets the tone for your entire sales message, so spend some time developing it based on the things we’ve talked about here.
You need to “capture” the readers’ attention right away…and the Primary Headline will be the first thing they read…that they’re almost guaranteed to read. Make it count.