The biggest mistake many businesses make is focusing on print ads and local news papers.  Here’s a different strategy taking root in cities across the nation.

Berkeley, CA (10-22-09) – It’s a classic mistake by businesses; their approach is focused on print advertising and word of mouth.

Fortunately, a new approach is starting to take root in Berkeley to solve this problem.  Local search is starting to cause a flurry of excitement for some businesses who are taking advantage of the technology.

More and more people are performing local searches on the internet before they ever leave the home.  It allows them to do all their research online and make decisions on where to find what they need right from the comfort of their home.

Less and less people are using the yellow pages phone book because of this.  On top of that there are so many phone books circulating with such a high cost of advertising it makes it nearly impossible to decide which to use.

And the trend shift is exactly what Kevin Rockwell is doing for local businesses and the communities his business serves.  Kevin Rockwell has developed a website that leverages search technology and makes it easy to use and implement for businesses that want to get their brands out there.

“So many companies still spend hundreds if not thousands on newspaper ads and other print advertising and are passing up on a golden opportunity to get in front of their target audience”, says Kevin Rockwell.

The internet is changing the way people find products and services.

And that is why Kevin Rockwell has started Directory of Berkeley, to take advantage of local search.  This method puts control of local internet advertising back in the hands of the community businesses that need it most.

You are probably wondering how this can be.

With Directory of Berkeley you can add your local business to the listings.  Nothing fancy and nothing difficult.  The secret is that the directory is optimized for only local businesses that reside in Berkeley.

If a potential customer is looking for “Berkeley carpet cleaner” only the listing for carpet cleaners who have businesses registered in Berkeley will come up.  It is that easy.

It ultimately puts the perfect prospect in front of exactly what they are looking for, your business.

Local search is a form of advertising that allows you to lower your overall costs.  It is cheaper than print advertising and gets you in front of more people when they are ready to buy.  The overall ROI of using makes perfect sense.

Local internet searches are only going to increase and it makes sense for more local companies to climb on board.

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