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In Oakland there are a wide variety of businesses and services all trying to get the attention of the consumer for their product. Many business owners get frozen by marketing and go with the path of least resistance as long as they can keep the doors open. But if you reach outside the box just a tiny bit you can find that video marketing can be a powerful way to get the attention of the consumers looking for your business or service online.

Just got back from doing a video interview with John McWeeny the CTO of TurnHere today. If you have read my posts on video marketing or this company  then sit up and read this post now. As you may have heard me preach video is killer these days for helping your business connect with customers. Through the costs of video equipment coming down, the ease of publishing video on line through YouTube and many other sites it is just so plain and simple now to utilize the incredible power of video to engage and capture new customers.

OK off the soap box for a minute.

The reason of my visit to TurnHere and to interview John was so that I could provide further proof to my clients and potential clients about why they absolutely have to take up the offer being made by TurnHere. Bottom line is they are offering a no risk and easy way for a business to get a video done that tells the story of your business in a compelling fashion, get it put up on the web and the code sent to you so you can embed it on your web site.

The shoot and the video production is free to you the business owner. Currently they are offering three months of hosting as part of the deal and then after that they charge a small monthly hosting fee or they will sell you the video to host yourself. It is all risk free, easy to do and presents you with a quality video that helps you build know like and trust with visitors to your web site. Hmmm that sounds pretty good.

I recommend them because they have done over 20,000 of these videos, are backed by solid financing, they are aiming to become the industry leader int his area, and they make sure the whole process is painless and effective for you the business owner.

I will be posting the video clips from the interview soon so you can hear from John as he tells you the business owner exactly how it works, how they ensure high quality in the video, and just how important using video is for your the business owner to help drive new customers to your front door.

The time is now for you to tap into the power of video on your web site. Let your web visitors see your business and develop a trusting relationship with you and what you do before they ever pick up the phone or step through your doors. It will be a blast.

Why is web video so powerful for businesses these days?

A sample video: