New online marketing strategy for local businesses can be used to stay afloat and prosper in the coming year.

Berkeley, CA (06-15-09) – With the thunder clouds of recession hovering, most businesses begin preparing for a recession by doing the opposite of what they should.

The first thing they typically do is begin cutting costs and in most cases they start with marketing and advertising. They do it because it is the easiest and quickest. The problem, which has been proven, is when marketing and advertising is cut during tough times it hurts the business more than it helps.

This faulty logic is what increases the chances of failure during these hard times. On the other hand, the businesses that maintained their marketing and advertising or increased it during these times proved to make it through the recession without problems and came out stronger.

Just to give you an example, Proctor and Gamble pushed Ivory soap during the Great Depression and Wal-mart launched their “Every Day Low Prices” campaign in the heart of economic fallout during 2000-2001.

Kevin Rockwell says, “When businesses cut their advertising and marketing during tough times, how do they expect to get business? What they did was lessen their chances of being seen as market leaders.”

That is exactly why Kevin Rockwell has introduced a new way of marketing to local businesses through local search on the internet. More people everyday are doing price and quality shopping on their computers before they ever leave their homes.

What this means for the local brick and mortar businesses is, if you don’t get out in front of those people you are losing dollars and cents from your bottom line.

Kevin Rockwell introduced to help local businesses combat that exact problem. This directory is set up and optimized for local businesses and communities. It makes it very easy for the average “Joe” to perform local searches and find exactly what he is looking for.

An example would be if you were looking for local restaurants in Berkeley. When you perform a search on it will only pull up the restaurants you are looking for in Berkeley. You won’t get bombarded irrelevant results from other cities.

This method has proven to be a cost effective way to advertise and market local businesses with an increased return on investment.

In tough economic times it’s been said that you should not scale back your marketing and advertising but look for ways to improve your ROI for that advertising. does exactly that for local businesses in Berkeley.

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