March 1, 2012
Volume 1, Issue 2

Google Panda Marches On

google logoJust last week Google announced that they were enacting yet another update on their Panda algorithm update form last year. Now does this mean anything of importance to you and your website? In all truth no it does not in my opinion. The Panda updates have been all about weaning out sites that give a poor user experience or which do not give quality or original information about the topic of the page. If you have followed my advice and kept good relevant quality information on your pages and have done link building that is relevant and high quality then you have nothing to worry about for your website. The link building services we provide all give quality links inbound to your site and are not in the area that Google does not like.

It is however more and more important for you to be adding quality content to your site on a regular basis, be participating in social media  for your site, and to make sure and build quality inbound links. The last item I want to stress is how important it is to claim business listings for your site at all the relevant business directories you can. Google calls these citations. Basically it finds all the mentions of your business info (name, address, phone) and adds up how many times it can find your business. If you do this well it can put you above your competition in Google search rankings and result in great free traffic to your site.


Facebook Pages Changes Coming

Be our fan on FacebookSome marketers have been sending out “the sky is falling” messages since it was announced last week that Facebook is changing the look and feel of its Pages. Many businesses have created Facebook Pages in order to better connect with the consumer audience for their products. Well Facebook has decided to make some big changes to the design of those pages and it has many folks all worried.

There is no reason to worry. These changes will be radical to some but in the end they will benefit all of us who use Pages in FB. Basically Facebook is making the timeline look and feel the standard for all of Facebook and starting the end of this month those Pages will transform to the new timeline look.  It does mean that folks will need to adjust their pages.

I have been reading and studying up on these changes and will have all the right info and tools at my disposal to help you redesign your FB Page so that it is timeline ready. Contact me today if you want to give your pages the update they need to rock with the new timeline.


Video on Page 1

case studyI am seeing some terrific results from my newest service for local clients. The idea is to leverage a video you already have for your business and get it ranked on page one of Google for your main keyword. So in addition to your website listing you would now get a video listed on that page as well. We take your video and create a fully optimized YouTube channel, get your video ranked on the first page of Google and then watch as you get more customers checking out your business or service.  This is a total no risk offer. We do the work for you with no upfront charge. Once the video is on page one of Google search results then you would decide if this is good for your business. If so we then enter into a no contract agreement for monthly maintenance of this listing so you can benefit from the increased flow of consumer leads it creates for you. See how it works here.