David Preston is known as the “Legendary Consultant” and for good reason. He has done more for businesses across the nation and around the globe in the last ten years than just about anyone out there. He has a nice casual Southern style to him (albeit with no drawl) that makes him very easy to listen to when he presents. His style is to give and give and give great information to clients.

OK take a pause here from reading my words and go check him out by clicking here. This link will take you to a Google search and show you just how “legendary” he is….

I found David through my long history of working as a mentor and educator to students on the internet. I worked with another legend of the internet world, Willie Crawford, and met David at one of his speaking engagements. He rocked the room with his powerful message. I decided right then and there that I needed to craft my knowledge that I have been giving to remote students and present it to those in real need. Local business owners who need more customers!

We sat and worked on what I had been presenting and merged it with his wonderful material to create the workshops that I give now locally and across the country.

“I’ve known David was using a lot of techniques that were blowing away the competition, I just couldn’t get him share until now. After spending the weekend with him I learned one of his methods and it floored me. It’s like client acquisition on steroids! I knew immediately that this one method may make me a million.” Willie Crawford said.

David Preston found a solution that has been haunting people for years. He shows them how to end their marketing nightmare and become a true success on the internet. David has now opened the door to a enormous group of people that once thought a disability, or not having enough money would doom them to failure.

These videos are unlike anything else available, anywhere. Like all of David’s products they are no fluff, no hype and straight to the point. He has built a strong following of marketers who know that he will not produce a product unless it genuinely helps people. This product is no exception!

Though he is mainly known for his huge offline consulting business he has recently exploded into the internet with three best selling products back to back. This is his fourth offering to the internet community and I’m certain it will be in huge demand as well.    …FPR

So you see it pays to network. It pays to work with the best and I feel that David is one of the best there is at teaching small businesses how they can grow their clients using crucial internet marketing strategies. Most businesses just don’t realize how important this is and how they can do it today.

David had some nice things to say about my video production at a recent event. Check it out:

David Preston – Legendary Consultant from Kevin Rockwell on Vimeo.