Here is part two of our tools and resources roundup.

Content Creation

  • Screen Steps – tool for creating step by step instructions with screen capture
  • – Get articles written for you for cheap. Also automate human processes.
  • – get content here and then re-write it for articles
  • – collections of video that you can buy from people
  • – searches offline articles – go buy them from people
  • – good source of content, like expertvillage
  • – more content, like

Online Survey Tracking/Creation

Online File Storage/Backup

  • Free file storage, sharing and remote backup from a folder on your desktop!
  • Mozy – Simple online backup solution
  • SugarSync – Online File syncing/storage

Random Great Tools You Need To Know About

  • Evernote – free note taking tool (puts notes on your desktop and online, indexes images/pdf to make them searchable)
  • – get great deals on “stuff”
  • – free flow chart design – alternative to MS Visio
  • Filezilla – best free ftp client
  • “The” Paypal Button – Andrew Lock says that if you’re doing more than $3000/month in paypal, you can click this button and they’ll charge you less transaction processing fees
  • – travel prices aggregated
  • – let people schedule appointments with you when you allow them to
  • – Group date picking (”when works for everyone?”)
  • Send hand written thank you letters to your list!
  • Ted – Inspirational video presentations from great minds!
  • Windows Notepad Replacement – A better program than the standard notepad