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Chris Jenkinson asked:

If you are looking to boost profits, then hiring a small business consultant is a great move. Business consultants can provide advice on virtually any business, especially if you choose wisely. When you start a small business, there may be a flurry of growth at the start as you see your ideas take shape. But after that, many businesses find that they are starting to stagnate. Sometimes this is because the business owner knows the product, but lacks all the business skills needed to progress. That’s where a small business consultant can help. Your consultant will be well versed in business skills and will have a wealth of experience from years of working with small businesses in a variety of fields. This experience can help you to move from small business stagnation to domination of your niche.

What To Expect From Your Consultant

The starting point for this type of consultancy service is to assess where your business is now. That means undertaking a full business review to see how you operate and what opportunities there are for development. At this point your consultant will make recommendations for action, but he won’t leave it there. He will also put his knowledge and expertise to work to help you follow through on those recommendations. Many small business consultants work on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis, so you won’t have to pay for the service if you see no business improvement.

Some of the areas you can get help with include carrying out a competitive analysis to see what others in your niche are doing. There may be actions you can take to replace the current number one at the top of your niche. Not only will your small business consultant help you to work out what those actions are, but the consultant will also help you by using his or her connections to put you in touch with the right people to make the move. Networking is a key part of business growth, so your chosen consultant should be well connected for best results.

Networking will also help with another key area – sales. Many business owners can improve their conversion rates for enquiries and leads with a few simple actions. A business consultant can help you to improve marketing materials and communication methods to really make profitability skyrocket. These are only a few examples of what a small business consultant can do. Your consultant will provide a plan tailored to your business – just watch it grow!

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