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Kris Koonar asked:

Business consultancy is a highly paid job in current world. There are numerous benefits of being in this field like being ones own boss, and developing your own group of executives who will consult you for their business related requirements.

Businesses and other such organizations seek the expertise of business consultants to bail them out of trouble, and to teach them new techniques for success. And of course for all this the consultant charges a hefty fee, which he gets without any reluctance from the side of the client. Also, you have the freedom of choosing the clients whom you want to work with.

Business consultancy is challenging, interesting and exciting. All you require is an in-depth knowledge about various business concepts, loads of common sense, a creative bent of mind, and good interpersonal skills. A consultant can choose to work with a big business consulting firm or be his own boss by starting a business consultancy firm. Being an entrepreneur consultant is much tougher than being a paid advisor, but then the profit margins are equally higher for the former.

In order to turn your business consultancy firm into a profitable one, you need to be able to manage both your own and the business of your client, i.e. keeping control of all the business activities of your business, and helping the client to do the same for his business. To ensure that the consultancy runs at a profit a business consultant has to look after the smooth functioning of the administrative system of his office. Along with that, he must also be well versed in marketing his knowledge and writing winning proposals (those that win him contracts). In short, he must know how to sell his positive attributes, because if you cannot sell you cannot survive.

For earning profits, a consultant also has to double up as a project leader. It is mandatory for a consultant to know how to plan, lead and execute complex projects, and also how to handle a number of projects simultaneously. A consultant should know how to best manage the fee structure, deadline pressures, and client requirements.

Now, if you are still determined to be a part of this booming sector, you should take note of a few factors like:

First, you need to determine whether you want to be a generalist or a specialist. Deciding that should not be a problem. You can become a specialist, if you have extensive work experience as well academic qualifications in a particular field. Alternatively, if you have experience in working in many industries, then you can cobble together various functions, and start a consultancy that can be a one-stop solution.

Once you decide on what the nature of work of your consultancy will be, you can then set about marketing your consulting experience, which is the major step that will determine your profit earnings.

However, before you begin with the marketing procedure, check out which industry you want to be involved in. Your marketing strategies will depend on the type of industry you will be working with.

There are many marketing methods that can be used for effective business positioning in the market. But it is advisable to get the help of professionals to advertise your firm. Also, consultants should never overlook their peers. If they have an expertise that is required by another consulting agency, that could be one of the best ways of both self-promotion and earning money.

Business consultancy is one of the most rewarding and high paying careers, and there is lot of respect associated with it. All in all, it can be a very profitable venture if one can pull it of.

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