Well the old saying is an apple a day keeps the doctor away. My new mantra for 2009 and business building is a video a week will keep your business in the pink. What do I mean by that? Well we know that articles and article marketing is good for your web site, as it helps build links to your site which boost your search engine ranking, and it helps drive traffic to your pages. Well video and video marketing can do the same and even better. So you need to do a simple video a week and submit it to your site’s blog, various video sharing sites and even podcast sites for maximum distribution.

But you say, “I don’t know how to do video!”. I answer that with a simple “Just do it.” Or just hire someone to do it. We are not talking Hollywood here folks. We are talking about being real with your customers and your audience. Check out this example.

Listen you can do something as simple as turning on your web camera (if you have on your laptop) or your Flip camera (dirt cheap and easy to use) or even your iPhone ( I just got one and tested out shooting video and emailing it to my YouTube page) and record you talking about your business/products/promotions or whatever. The key is to do it. And do it each and every week.

Want to know how to do it and what tools to use? Go to the link at the top of this article. It is one of my alter egos on the web. I teach this stuff and I can show you too. If you sign up to be on my list at that site or at this one you will get access to videos showing you just how to get started using web video in your business.

Just do it my friend. If you create one video a week for your business you will reap nice rewards with more customers and revenue for your business.