So in my long and sometimes tedious news career (more on that later) the crew would many times sit around telling and retelling stories about the TV news business. Then each of us would in their own minds think “oh man I must have a book in me from all the things I have done”. I know I did. But then upon further reflection I realized that no one would want to hear all of my stories. Too damn bad..

So recently I pitched my newest take on this idea to a bunch of my media friends who all have tons of stories in their heads from many wild and wacky events covered over the years in news. The idea was to bring all of our stories into one book, sort of an anthology. You would think they would have eaten this up and been slathering to put down at least one juicy story to paper or internet. But you know how many folks responded out of 20? One. One great guy for sure, but still these folks just dropped the ball. I think maybe it proves the point that media is bad for your brain. These guys seem to have lost theirs.

I am sort of kidding them but not totally. Listen this is easy stuff. So anyways I am going to march on and make them watch me rock this idea.

And I bet I can get a ton of media pros from all around the world to contribute and make this thing huge.

There are so many great stories and I only need to tel a handful of mine. How about a tease.

There was the time when first starting out in the business that I got assigned to a show biz shoot where we went to a TV set for a a big show. My task was to put a mic on Loni Anderson and Lindsey Wagner who were both wearing low cuts to their navels. Shaking I stepped forward…..

Then there was the time I almost got killed by Iraqi secret police in Jordan right after the first Gulf War.

Or the time we landed a helicopter on the deck of a Russian ice breaker in the Arctic Ocean…

Just some tease of cool stories that could be told.