When I first started building my Internet Marketing journey, I was suffering from low budget. You know what I mean…

I wasn’t able to afford all the fancy tools, I had to make due with what was available for free. The hardest part was finding free tools that were worth a damn in the first place.

In this blog post I’m going to tell you about the best free internet marketing tools I’ve come across in the last 10 years of working online.

And if you know of some more cool free tools, then by all means please leave a comment with a link and description of your favorite free tools.

Seven Free Internet Marketing Tools That Are Killer Useful!


You have heard of Photoshop. Ever seen the price tag? Well Pixlr.com is the free version of Photoshop and it’s web based so you can use it on any computer with Internet access. It’s a great program for whipping up banner ads, website headers, Twitter backgrounds, and soo much more.

The one problem I have with Pixlr, is they don’t have a way to save the files with the layers you’ve created. Which means once you are done, it’s hard to open the file and make changes to it later. Although, that’s a small price to pay to have access to such a powerful graphics editing application.


Recording interviews and even recording your own thoughts makes for great information products. However, you’ll often need something to edit those audio files. Audacity has you covered with probably one of the most advanced pieces of software I’ve ever seen offered for free.


Being able to spread your message to more than one person at a time is what Internet marketing is all about. Being able to get up to 1,000 people on the same phone call all listening to what you have to say… THAT’S POWER! You can do it for free too with FreeConferenceCalling.com. I use this tool every week in my business and it has always been great.


Not too sure if building websites is important to Internet marketers…. NOT! Of course this is important and while Facebook is making it less and less important it is still a crucial part of marketing on the web. With Weebly you don’t even need to know any code, you just need to know how to read, drag, and drop. You might not even need to know how to read – It’s that easy!

I do not recommend you buy domain names or hosting through them though as they charge a hefty middle man fee. Use one of the bigger companies for that. Godaddy, Namecheap, Hostgator, Bluehost.


I’m not sure I would call this one a “crucial” tool but it sure does come in handy quite often for me. YouConvertIt.com will let you convert just about any filetype into the right filetype for you. From videos, documents, audios, and more.


I sell personal coaching to my business clients, in fact 1on1 coaching is and has always been my easiest money. Whether it be to a local business owner looking to increase their marketing or to Internet newbies wanting to learn how to build their first successful Internet business. To manage my schedule and automate the appointment setting part of things, I use Clickbook.

I just set my available dates and times, give out a link to my clients, and they can schedule the best time for them. Which lets me never have to worry about overlapping appointments or going back and forth about which date and time works best.


Getting the word out about your products and services is a must. Using a cleverly written press release you could end up getting massive publicity for your business. With PRLog you could end up getting all that buzz for FREE! Make sure you use the proper press release format to be taken seriously and keep your most important details at the top of the press release. Then explaining more and more reasons why your product is so news worthy as you get farther into the article.

Well there you have it seven free internet marketing tools that you could literally run your entire business with! I’ll also add that I’m a big fan of all the Google apps and there’s a lot more in that list that could have ended up on here. However, since the Google apps are more popular I decided to make room for less obvious, harder to find resources.

If you have some tools you’d like to tell the marketing community about go ahead and post them as a comment below. I’m sure we’d all love to find some more great free internet marketing tools.